An Inventory...

...of my purse. Taken while Christmas shopping with ma mere. 
   --in no particular order--

Empty Cd case; mini stapler, grey;
four bags of assorted blends of Twinings tea for the event of a tea-emergency.
a packet of honey, see previous item.
one checkbook, blue leatherette; a handful of receipts, more for scrap note paper than for keeping accounts.
one coupon for a free Wendy's frosty--complements of my roommate.
Two dollars.
Bank Card.
Credit Card--blue with a daisy, never used.
School I.d.--outdated picture.
driver's license.
insurance card.
Triple A card--it covers me, not just my car.
Library card. of course.
One small tub of Carmex.
Three pieces of candy--a KitKat, a caramel, and a fun-sized Butterfingers.
A deck of cards (blue) to prevent death-by-boredom. useful in many occasions.
a recipe for blueberry scones.
rewards cards to three separate yarn stores.
A Starbucks gift card, probably empty.
voting card... completely useless when I'm at school.
ticket stub from "You Can't Take it With You"
Gas rewards card, 3 cents of per gallon.
two pens, a pencil and a purple Sharpie
a blue button, a length of ribbon and a length of lace.

Everything but the kitchen sink, but give me an undetectable extension charm and I could get that too.

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