Endings and Beginnings

Never have I appreciated the end of a semester as I have this one. It wasn't till I was almost back in my dorm after my last exam that I realized that I was burden-free. When that finally hit me, I wanted to go stand on one of the picnic tables in the Triangle and shout my excitement to the campus--and the world.
It was a good semester for growing--as a writer, a girl, a Christian, a human-being. I come out of it feeling Named... A little bit more the particular me I am meant to be.

I finished a journal on the last day of finals as well. I always seem to wrap up a journal at an odd time--the middle of a semester, a month in to summer, halfway through Christmas break--but this time it was perfect, inscribing the last pages that night before bed. It just feels right that the endings coincided like that.

I began a new journal the next day. I also began a new book, from a new friend. And today I begin this new thread of my Scribblings blog. Its... less polished. 

Ending rolls into Beginning rolls into Ending, constantly being renewed. I like that.

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