Reflections on a Misty Day

Here on the Hill, we joke around about living inside the Bryan Bubble, an imaginary enclosure that keeps us separate from the outside world. There are some days when being shut off from the world starts to feel claustrophobic; when you have to work hard to keep up with current events. As much as we might enjoy our little community, its easy to feel shut off in a negative way.

 However, that's not exactly what's on my mind tonight. As I walked up the stairs to my third floor class this afternoon, I got a view out the broad windows that look out over the edge of campus. The weather was typical to January today, grey and chill with a slight drizzle, pretty much as it has been this past week. But unlike the previous days, a mist had settled in on the the hill, shrouding the handful of buildings in a fine grey cloak. I realized that I couldn't see beyond the trees that edge the campus. I could almost believe that we were truly the only people in the world at that moment. Instead feeling shut off, I felt rather secure. The mist was close, heavy, and comforting. It was a feeling much like that of lying under a heavy quilt on a cold night, in that wonderful space of time between consciousness and sleep where dreams reside. Day progressed into evening and the sun set. (Though I never caught a glimpse of it, I trust that it had remembered to rise as it always does.) The silver grey sky turned rich navy and violet, and still the mist hung low. Lights from the buildings lit everything with a warm glow, and made fanciful silhouettes out of the winter-bare trees. Small things like this make my soul revel in the glory of a well-fed imagination. On these days I can't help but think the lyrics of a favorite Sara Groves song, "maybe this was made for me." It might seem presumptuous, but I can imagine being the only person in the world, knowing that even for just me, He still would have given His life. Even with the millions that have been and are and will be in the future, I know that God loves me as if I were the only person in the world, and he made this day just for me.

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