A Sock Story

I just pulled on my  valentines day socks. Yes, its two days early, but I saw them in my drawer and decided to wear them early. They've got pink toes and heels, and red and silver dots and hearts on a white background. My bonus dad sent them to me last year in a surprise package. My friend and I were unpacking  backpacks and getting settled down to study, when absentmindedly, I started to describe all my holiday socks to her (it's been long day folks, so don't judge!) which got me thinking on the joy of having colorful socks... and just socks in general.
If you look at my sock drawer, its almost overflowing with the heap of messily rolled, colorful footwear. It's NOT organized at all. Once upon a time, my sock drawer was full of white athletic socks--All of them very boring, and very 'ctional. (That's functional minus the FUN.) They were constantly getting lost in the dryer or misplaced in a siblings drawer. Wearing them was just routine. I would grab a pair of socks in the morning and not think about them till I took them off at night. Then one day a few years ago, I was at Target (the mecca of all socks beautiful) and saw this amazing three pack of knee-highs. They were stripey, ribbed and argyle. I bought them. Like guppies, they multiplied quickly. As my boring white athletic socks eventually got holes and were thrown out, (or eaten by the dryer) they were replaced by colorful ones of all themes and styles. Some I bought myself, but many were given me by my bonus dad. You see, he likes giving random gifts and he's quirky, and what's quirkier than giving colorful socks? He hid them in my costume box during summer musical rehearsals, he left them on the seat of my car with crazy poems when he came to visit the library where I worked, and he's mailed them across the state to me when I'm at school. They usually go along with the closest holiday or season: Valentines, St. Patrick's, Christmas, Autumn, Going back to school, Coming home from school, Random visits or whatever else he can think of.
Since making the switch to colorful socks I have found  that there a quiet a few benefits to them.
1. They make a ordinary day extraordinary. No one but you may see them, but if the day is dull and grey, just glance down at your feet, and let the pop of color brighten your day.
2. Making the choice of socks first thing in the morning may sometimes be the only thing you have control of in your day (especially if your life is that of a crazy-busy college student), but just remember, there will be days when choosing which socks to wear will be the hardest decision you have to make that day. Look forward to those days. They WILL come.
3. Everyone needs a pair of lucky socks for test days. I wear my blue and silver striped ones. They're Ravenclaw.
and last but most certainly not least:
4. When you come from a large family like I do, folding laundry--especially the fourteen billion pairs of sports socks that all look similar--can be a fate worse than getting your teeth drilled at the dentist. When you have colored socks, with not a single pair duplicated, your task becomes fourteen times easier.

Wear fun socks.

Enjoy life.

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