The Importance of Saying Goodbye

I may have ducked out of class on a "bathroom break" to go say goodbye to a friend who was leaving this afternoon (it only took 4 minutes), and when I had to go work in the library I left a note on another friends desk with my safe-travels wishes, knowing that I wouldn't see her before she left--though she ended up coming to find me in the library.
Its only Spring Break, I'm gonna see them in a week--or less in some cases--so why do I obsess about saying goodbye? Because life is uncertain. If something were to happen, I would want to know exactly when the last time I hugged that friend, the last time I said "I love you" was.

Its a family tradition, inherited from my mom's side, to stand in the driveway waving till we can no longer see the departing party. My mom's grandparents were deaf, so they always waved with a hand  in the ASL sign for "I love you" (middle and ring fingers pressed to the palm with pinky, index and thumb standing up straight) and thus, every grandchild and great-grand has done the same ever since.
Even here at school I do the same. I can't help it. If I'm around when one of my close circle departs, I walk to their car with them as they load up, give final goodbye hugs and travel blessings, then wave and wave... and wave until I can no longer see their car.

It just feels right.

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