Words to Myself

There will be days like today, when nothing--yet everything--is wrong, when your winter coat restricts your range of movement and your backpack feels all wrong on your shoulders--when life fits like that sweater you accidentally machine dried. It won't always be this way. Spring always comes, and with it, shorts and t-shirts.
There will be days when you fall asleep over your desk work and question all of your academic decisions. You'll think that you've been making the wrong choices the whole time, but despair because its too late to change your mind now. Don't make decisions when you're tired. View your work through fresh eyes in the morning. You'll remember why you love what you do.
There will be days when you lie down to take a nap and awake feeling as if the whole world has moved on without you. The smallest things will make you doubt your friendships, your capabilities, your ability to love and be loved. Look again; you're not alone.
There will be days when you want to have a pity-party, to feel sorry for yourself, to grovel in your misery.  Get over yourself. Pick yourself up and keep moving. Do the next right thing.
There will be days when you leave dinner smelling like the cafeteria. Ok, that's legimately gross, but everyone here deals with that, don't let it bother you that much. 


Here's what you need to do--
Finish that project, I promise that its not gonna be as hard as you make it out to be.
Make Tea. Everyone deserves tea, even--especially--those who feel wretched about life.
Read L'Engle. Remember how she always does you a world of good? how she puts into words what your didn't know you knew? yes. remember that. Read.
Get over your pride, your stupid idea of not needing any help, and go ask for a hug.
Cry if you have to. It's cathartic.
Do the next right thing, always keep moving forward. 
And most of all, remember who you are and Who's you are. Honor Him in all things and He will illuminate your life with His glory.