Emergency Distress Plan-- In Case of Tears Make Coffee

We're getting so close. It is now two weeks until summer, and in the past week I've mopped up other's tears, and made mugs of tea and doled out hugs and kept a stiff upper lip, staying strong for those around me. I wrote two papers and did a group project this week. I've had endless appointments, meetings, library events and social gatherings to go to. I've applied and interviewed for jobs, and sit here, trying not to fret as the future of my summer hangs in the balance, dependent on the outcome of these efforts. And now its Friday, and I've drained every last drop of energy from my body. I am emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausted.  I feel like at any given moment you could come across me in a puddle of tears in the middle of the cafeteria.

If you, dear reader, happen to be that person that finds me in my state of watery distress, here are your instructions. First, Coffee. I take three sugars and two creamers to mask the taste of the nasty cafeteria stuff. Second, don't try to talk me through it. Also, don't try to make me talk. What I'll need is just a quiet friend. and a hug. Third, when the flood has subsided, kindly instruct me to go take a nap. If I protest, you have my permission to use a straitjacket or whatever other means you deem necessary.

Oh, and if I start quoting overly dramatic, semi-emo sounding literature, don't worry.  It's probably just Anne of Green Gables.  "My life is a perfect graveyard of buried hopes" is one of those melodramatic sayings that I  love best from that precocious ginger. When I'm upset, I tend to imitate either her or Amy March. It usually cheers me up.
Also, if you see me reading "inspirational fiction" otherwise known as "christian romance", please try not to judge. My brain probably can't handle anything deeper than a puddle at the moment. Just know that Lori Copeland is not my usual fare; I will return to bigger and better books when I am recovered.

I think that covers everything in my Emergency Distress Plan. I feel better knowing that if something goes wrong, there will be someone out there that knows what to do for me.

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