Enjoy Today

If I were to draw a Venn diagram of things I needed to do today and things I actually did today, the overlap would be very small indeed. But it was a beautiful day and the things I did were beneficial...more or less. :)

Things I needed to do:

  • Homework
  • Take home test
  • Work on resume

Things I didn't know I needed to do:

  • Spend time with the bosom buddy

Things I actually did:

  • Slept in till 9:30
  • Caught up with various areas of communication that needed to be tended to
  • Walked the long way up from lunch and enjoyed the cherry blossoms
  • Worked on resume
  • Went on an excursion with the bosom buddy (it did my soul good)
  • Played cards and Halo and watched Flashpoint at open dorm
You see, not very productive. But what is the weekend for if not to rest from everyday toils? There's always tomorrow after church to do homework. The cherry blossoms won't last long and when the chance arises to be with your friends midst the busy schedules we all have, take it. College doesn't last forever.

Enjoy today while you have it.

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