I've Got the Moon in my Pocket

There's this special Look that I've begun to observe among my guy friends that have found the women they intend to marry. I'm only just starting this study, having at first only had one subject couple to observe, but I've now seen it in two separate cases. Pardon my clinical language, as I try to explain what I'm thinking here.
Take for example your favorite pair of friends that are in a long term relationship, something that you know (either by gut instinct, or the presence of an engagement ring) is probably gonna go the distance. Observe this couple in their happiest moments and you might see the expression that I call, the "I've Got the Moon in My Pocket" face, called so because I thought of the most amazing yet impossible thing you could possibly possess, and came up with the Moon. I mean, how happy would YOU be if you had possession of the moon?

I first observed this Look in the face of my dear friend John, a man that I would proudly claim as brother. His now fiancee, Sarah, is one of the dearest and best friends I have ever made; her spirit is cut from the same bolt of gossamer cloth as mine. Their wedding is in a little over a month, but once upon a time, before they were engaged, we'd had a gathering of friends all returned from spring break. As we walked around campus that evening swapping tales, John had somehow managed to sneakily tell the four of us close girl-friends that he was planning on proposing to Sarah in the near future, asking us to be on call for assistance when he should deem the time right. Their biggest story from break was the fact that they had been looking at a house that could possibly be their first home someday. As I walked my friends I saw in, this smug gleam in John's eyes. That, my dear readers, was the Look. Its a mixture of pride, joy, and love. Its a look  that says, "I have found the one my soul loves".  I've seen it on occasion from him since then, on the night they got engaged, in random pictures from family gatherings, and its one of the biggest things that makes me believe that they are meant to be.

There's another pair of friends I have, also recently engaged and soon to be married. I met Isaac when he stayed with John on a scholarship weekend as a high-school senior, and Mary Clare at the dinner table one day this past year. Both are some of the most mature freshmen you will ever meet, and arguably the most precious people on campus. As a quiet observer of many things, it was a joy watch these two grow together over the past year and when they announced their engagement a few weeks ago, I was among the many thrilled at the news.
In the college chapel tonight, the local ballet studio performed the first night of their annual recital, which Sarah and I went to see. There were so many adorable tutu-ed little girls and graceful young women, all dancing to the glory of God. My personal favorite number of the evening, was a double pas-de-deux, featuring Mary Clare and Isaac, and another couple from school. The boys were there to lift and twirl their partners and not much more, but the choreography was simple and beautiful.  I couldn't help but notice how radiantly Mary's smile shone as she danced; she practically glowed with joy. Then, I noticed Isaac--sturdy, dressed in black, a strong anchor to Mary's extended leaps. He never took his eyes off her. Even from the balcony, I could tell that he had the Look.

I am almost positive this is the expression that will be on the faces of these two young men when they each see their own beautiful bride for the first time on their wedding day. For those of you who like to look back at the groom when the bride steps out into the aisle, you know what I'm talking about.

Its the small things in life that are often the most beautiful.

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