50 Reasons why my dad is the best

I started out writing a post about my dad, and why I love him, but as I worked on it, it quickly began to grow to proportions that would make it most unsuitable for online reading formats, so instead, I decided to compile a list of reasons supporting my argument for why my father is, indeed, the best

  1. Canoeing the Seneca River with me as a six year-old
  2. Midnight cross country skiing at Beaver lake (not much older than above)
  3. Camping in the backyard (despite rogue skunks)
  4. He built the canoe we used in the Seneca :)
  5. He built several sets of bunkbeds of various designs
  6. He made me a Susan Pevensie bow. best. toy. ever.
  7. He constructed a luge ramp out of snow in the backyard for our sleds
  8. He drew this amazing picture of Aslan that my sister and I hung near the creepy trap door above the bunks to keep bad dreams away.
  9. He sewed a baby shirt for me by tracing my on one of his old t-shirts and cutting it up. 
  10. He plays the bagpipe chanter, and used to play it for us before bed.
  11. Same with the pennywhistle
  12. Taught himself how to play the banjo
  13. Has listened to Thistle and Shamrock (the best celtic music radio program ever) for over twenty years.
  14. Loves Lynyrd Skynyrd and southren rock
  15. Taught me every thing I know about household gymnastics 
  16. Had a red bike that we called the Red Baron, on which he would chase us around the bus lots on our bike rides, playing Snoopy and the Red Baron. There's nothing like an imaginary dogfight on wheels.
  17. He coached my soccer team..... that one year I actually played soccer in third grade or something.
  18. He can still do a triathlon and do it well.
  19. He has an affinity for diving off tall objects into deep water. its pretty cool.
  20. He loves to waterski
  21. He can make the best monkeybread and cinnamon rolls. Mmm.
  22. His smoked pork shoulder is to. die. for. 
  23. He appreciates coffee, and in large doses.
  24. He makes the best christmas breakfast spreads
  25. Happiness is his delicious pork ribs. 
  26. He loves superhero movies (but isn't one of those dad's still stuck in childhood and collecting comic books)
  27. He also enjoys a good Masterpiece classic movie, almost as much as mom, my sister and I do.
  28. He tolerates Austen (I think Emma is his favorite), enjoys Gaskell, and loves Dickens
  29. He introduced me to Little Dorrit last summer and we obsessively watched the BBC miniseries over the course of the summer. 
  30. He took me to get my first library card.
  31. Makes sure I get at least one book for Christmas
  32. Comes home with random books for me when I least expect it.
  33. He challenged my reading choices at a young age and taught me not to feed on drivel.
  34. I learned from him that if nothing else, read essays and short stories.
  35. He's made fantastic reading lists for me.
  36. He read me Tolstoy at an impressionable age, not worrying about whether or not I could handle it. I turned out ok.
  37. HE didn't shy away from literary gore. There were heads cleft asunder in King Arthur, people loosing limbs and fingers in Grimms Fairy tales and heaven knows that the Books of Kings would be an R rated movie, but we read it all...before bed.
  38. He introduced me to everything Lewis
  39. He gave me a jump start on my computer knowledge
  40. Tried to teach me how to write... I just wasn't ready yet, otherwise I know he would have succeeded
  41. Anything I know about cars... anything that impresses my guy friends.. I've learned from him.
  42. Because of him, I know how to set a proper table
  43. ...also how to rake a lawn, and good work ethic.
  44. He's always been supportive of my choice of major
  45. When I told him about my plans to live away from home this summer, he backed me up wholeheartedly and told me he was proud of me.
  46. He works hard to help me with my FAFSA and getting my financial aid.
  47. He loves my mom and us kids faithfully.
  48. He trusts God unwaveringly.
  49. He's given me his genetic code for non-people person tendencies, and I'm quite ok with that.
  50. He's my biggest fan, and I know he'd do anything for me.
Happy Father's Day, to my dad, and to all the other great dads out there!


  1. He sounds absolutely wonderful, and this list explains a lot . . . (in a good way, of course :) )!

  2. Sarah, thank you for the wonderful tribute and walk down memory lane -

    1. Dad IS a wonderful Dad! And Husband!