Half as Hard and Twice as Good.

I forget how much I need good company until I've been  absent from it for a while. When I have it back, my soul rejoices and is filled beyond measure. The past month has seen me settling into my townhouse, getting into a morning routine in the library, and working nights till I'm exhausted. There have been stints of excitement, "vacation"--Graduations, weddings, traveling. But this week has seen regular life. I've kept my self entertained with back to back episodes of Doctor Who, sewing, knitting and reading in my few hours of spare time, and in general, being quite the hermit. I've seen people, interacted with humanity, and done my duty socially, but like the introvert I am, I've kept to myself. I probably should work on getting to know other people and being more social, but when I think about it, it doesn't sound that appealing. When I told my mom this the other day, she told me "you are just like your father. When he sees his people, he has a great time, and couldn't be happier. But if they aren't his people, he would prefer to be alone." This is probably the best and worst thing I have inherited from my dad. It will work both in my favor, and horribly against me as I continue to grow up I think. For now however, I am okay with it.

Today though, I realized how much I need those few people that I do socialize with... my close circle. I didn't realize how lonely I was till Sarah came for lunch. She walked in the door and hugged me, and there was a sigh of relief in me that said "finally, one with whom I can be perfectly at ease."  There was no need to "entertain" her like I might other guests. We ate our summer squash and talked about everything and nothing. Slowly I saw the pieces of life fall into place and start meshing together. This summer can continue now that I  have my support in place.

Sara Groves said it best in her song "Twice as Good" in which she describes the friend with whom life is "half as hard, and twice as good."
They may be few and far between, but when find them, you have found a great treasure indeed.


And when we were done eating our squash, 
we poured cream over strawberries and feasted like summer queens. 


  1. This is beautiful, Sarah. That song is my favorite one in the whole album. :)