Rainy Day Ramen

I couldn't have been older than ten, but not younger than eight, when I first remember thinking that Ramen noodles on rainy days was possibly the best lunchtime combination. I think it might have been my first conscious recognition of comfort food. Sitting at the dining room table in our little white World War II era house with the rain coming down hard on the windows, I don't believe I'm fabricating memories when I recall being perfectly content as I forked up the warm brown noodles and contemplated the books I was going to read at quiet time.

This memory came back to me today when I was working up in the library archives and trying to figure out what I'd eat for lunch when I got off work. When I woke up this morning, the Hill was enveloped in grey clouds and mist, (the actual Bryan Bubble--am I right?) and it was trying to rain. It actually did rain for a little while-- happy, fat drops that fell on the library's atrium skylights with a most beautiful rattle. The rain, plus my   hungry belly dredged up the memory of rain day ramen, and made my lunchtime planning easy.

It surprises me when I find people that have never had ramen. For a young family on a tight budget, it was a cheap lunch; for the large family with hungry boys, it was again, a cheap belly-filler, we've never not had ramen in the house (except for that one time mom was going on a MSG-free kick and didn't buy it for a month.) Hardly nutritious, and barely delicious, its not the most glamorous food out there. But it's warm, and comforting, and perfect for rainy days.

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