Tennyson, Weddings and More to Come

This past weekend I had the honor of attending two of my best friends at their wedding. It was amazing. I'm planning on writing out some of the events that transpired.... mainly for Sarah's sake, because I know she'd like to hear the stories that she wasn't involved in. That all will be coming soon, but for now, I just wanted to share a Tennyson sonnet that I discovered a few months ago that I love.

The Bridesmaid

O bridesmaid, ere the happy knot was tied,
Thine eyes so wept that they could hardly see;
Thy sister smiled and said, ‘No tears for me!
A happy bridesmaid makes a happy bride.’
And then, the couple standing side by side,
Love lighted down between them full of glee,
And over his left shoulder laugh’d at thee,
‘O happy bridesmaid, make a happy bride.’
And all at once a pleasant truth I learn’d,
For while the tender service made thee weep,
I loved thee for the tear thou couldst not hide,
And prest thy hand, and knew the press return’d,
And thought, ‘My life is sick of single sleep:
O happy bridesmaid, make a happy bride!’

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