#WriterProblems: the perfect notebook

I'm in (near) dire straits. My journal has only 10 pages left (not ten sheets, but ten pages, ten sides of paper to write on), and I do not have a new one lined up and ready to go for when I finish this one. My problem? I can't just go to walmart and grab a new one off the shelf. It has to be carefully chosen and has meet specific criteria to become my next journal.
For the past three years I have used only one type of notebook for my journals, six in total, which has become my definition of the perfect journal. Carolina Pad company puts out what they call the "ideal book", and ideal it certainly is. Measuring about 8" by 9", it is spiral bound and the perforated sheets have no margin. All four of those points are crucial. The size is perfect for the small front pouch of my backpack, and both of my purses. It stacks nicely with my bible, and can be comfortably cradled in the crook of my arm. The Spiral binding, again, is very important. As a lefty, I need to be able to fold my notebooks back to more comfortably fit my hand to the page. Also, the spiral provides excellent pencil storage. Perforated sheets mean that I can make lists in class and then easily, and neatly tear them out for use. This also applies to letter writing, an activity of which I do a lot. Finally, the marginless paper, COLLEGE RULED, is probably the most important aspect. The margins allow for more freedom of thought on the paper as the thin lines stretch unhindered from one side of the page to the other.  There are myriads of pretty journals out there, some which meet size requirements, or binding requirements, but they rarely meet margin requirements, and never all at once. And now, walmart and Carolina Pad have betrayed me. Walmart used to stock several designs of the ideal book, but lately their numbers have dwindled down to one new design from Carolina Pad. Its still  called the ideal book, but the latest design has been hard bound, like a composition book. No more spirals. Everything else is still the same, but I can't bring myself to try it. When you find something that works for you, its hard to change. I'm still searching other retailers for the perfect notebook, but I might have to resign my self to the change. I suppose I'll adapt. Adaptation is an attribute of evolved beings of the highest order right?  yeah, something like that.

And then again, I'm rather sentimental about this journal. The events chronicled here have been some of the loveliest of my life. Maybe I just don't want to move on. But as a good reader, I know that you can't get to the next chapter if you keep re-reading the page you're on.

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