More Words to Myself

There will be growing pains, times when your personality grows awkward and gangly and you trip over your words like that prepubescent tween trips over her feet.

You'll defy your status of "Tuesday's Child" and feel like you've lost your last scrap of grace. Those sleepless wee small hours of the morning will be filled with rememberings of long past fumbles, which you'll replay like a choose-your-own-adventure, changing the ending each time, hoping for a better outcome.

You may feel like every flaw has been exposed--you'll be painfully aware of it in fact--but the awareness is a good thing. As long as you're aware, you know you're alive. God's not finished with you yet. He may have that jeweler's lamp turned on you for a time while he chips aways at those cracks in your character, adding facet upon facet so that in the end, you may more brilliantly reflect the Light of His Glory.

Remember that when you lack in grace, He abounds with Grace.

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