time enough to dream

I don't know when I last enjoyed such a day of freedom as this gloriously quiet Saturday, but I sure know that there won't be many more this summer. There are two more weekends in the summer, one of which I'll be traveling to Nashville and back. Don't get me wrong, it'll be fantastic to go home before school starts up again, but I have grown to love the independence of Saturdays on my lonesome.

Now, Mom, because I know you're gonna read this at some point, don't be upset and think I don't miss the family or anything--That's what Sundays are for (haven't you noticed I usually call on Sunday?) 

It was one of those mornings where I wake up around eight, same as usually, but instead having to o up immediately and preparing for work in the library, I just grabbed a book and stayed in bed. I'm reading a new teen lit book that the Dayton Library had on display, Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. It's a story I'd class with the likes of The Fault in Our Stars or anything  by Sarah Dessan. It was one of those mornings where I read while I get dressed and do my hair, while I eat my burnt toast (burnt cause I wasn't paying attention to the toaster oven) and nutella (well... Jif's imitation nutella, which is just as good and half as expensive) and pretty much don't put the book down for anything unless I have to.

My one real chore for the day was grocery shopping, which despite the kvetching I'd done at work the night before about not wanting to have to run errands, turned out to be not so bad. I enjoyed trying to figure out what I'd cook today for the week to come. I ended up with an amazing pot of potato soup (with carrots and parsnips and onions, Oh My!) that will dole out nicely for dinners at work this week. It'll be a nice change from Ramen for sure.

The rest of my afternoon was unashamedly filled with back to back episodes of Doctor Who and coffee and knitting my Amy Dorrit Shawl. I finished off Series One (with a pounding heart at the finale and regeneration of Nine and great cheers at the appearance of Ten), made a dent in Series Two (while chopping vegetables) and nearly finished the shawl.

The thing I like about Doctor Who, is that its a very Naming show. The writers are sometimes brilliant (more recently they've been nothing but) and it stirs my thinker in lovely ways, so all the in  betweens of today have provided plenty of time to dream and fodder to dream on. There's been no rush to get out the door to work, no exhaustion of coming home at midnight, brain- and body-tired. The whole day was filled with a lovely, free, hopeful feeling. Even pumping gas at the the walmart gas station turned into a glorious moment when a summer storm broke out over head. Little things like that excite me :)

Now that I've gotten to the end of this post, I've realized that I really didn't have all that much of import to say. Maybe I was attempting to preserve at least a shred of this idyllic day. I almost never take pictures (and some things which can't be captured on film) but rather I hold stories and feelings and memories in state in my mind... folded neatly into little drawers, to be taken and out and reviewed at my leisure.

As a last word, which is not really a word at all, I leave you with a mini playlist of two of  my current favorite songs, which I feel properly exemplify this day.

till next time lovely readers.

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