Film Heroines: Merida

 Finally, the second in my promised literary and film heroines series! The Bosom Buddy and I watched Brave tonight while her husband was having a dinner meeting and I was reminded that I wanted to add Merida to my series.

When I first saw the previews for Brave, back in the summer of 2011, I was beyond excited. The wee bit of Scottish blood I have was stirred by the accents, the scenery and the music. But more than that, I was thrilled for Pixar to have the chance to do a princess story.

Merida made my Heroine Hall of Fame last semester for several reasons.
Number one being her hair. For the first time in Disney princess history, here is a real girl, with real hair. None of this perfectly smooth, golden locks nonsense. Merida has a free, wild personality with gloriously wild curls to match. Imagine my joy as a fellow red-hued curly girl to finally be represented among the ranks of the likes of Belle, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.

True to form, Brave embodies the good character and family values that Pixar has been known for in the past. While similar to The Little Mermaid in the rebellious teenager thread, Merida is different from Ariel in that by the end of the film, she's realized her selfishness and become reconciled to her mother.

So, in interest of keeping this post short, and getting back to my Expository Writing homework, here is my list of ways I wish I were more like Merida,

  • Archery skills. I've always wanted to be good with a bow, since the days of playing Narnia in the back yard with my homemade Susan bow.
  • Sheer Guts. The movie is titled Brave for a reason. I wish I could bring myself to be comfortable just standing near horses, letting alone riding off onto the moors for adventures. I guess I'll just have to be brave in my imagination. :)
  • Hair. Every time I think about chopping my hair off because I can't handle it anymore, I watch this movie, and I think of what it could be, and I give it a chance. :)

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