What DOES a Homeschooler look like?

This is what MY homeschool
mom looks like!
Spirit Week is hard upon us here at Bryan and we've had our dress-up themes laid out for us: Duck Dynasty, Disney, Bryan Lions... and oh, what's this? Homeschool day? During the chapel announcement for Spirit Week, one of our prominent students--vice-president of student government--who happens to have been homeschooled, got up wearing a long jean skirt, a sweater stuffed to look like a pregnant belly and a baby sling. (As a nice touch, she was carrying a bag of whole wheat bread.) She introduced us to her children, Prudence Constitution (in the sling) , Liberty Jubilee and Chastity Abstinence (twins in utero). I was in tears of laughter, because the image presented was oh so familiar from years of co-ops and curriculum fairs. It takes one to know one, and I know homeschoolers. I'm not one to be easily offended by the stereotypes given us, and I know when to laugh at a joke made in good fun, but as I started considering what I might do to "dress-up" for Homeschool day, I kind of wanted to stick with my regular wardrobe just to make a point. I was homeschooled. I want to be a homeschool mom. This is who I am, and this is what I look like. Ordinary. I had my awkward days (as does any kid) in middle school when I wore bandannas all the time (my mom even questioned my  fashion then) but I grew out of it.
I even graduated in a cap and gown ceremony with a homeschool umbrella school. Ta-da!

Homeschooling doesn't always mean socially awkward. There are plenty of socially awkward public (and by public, I mean anything not at home) schooled kids too. Homeschooling doesn't mean easy or sleeping in late or doing school in your pajamas or getting perfect grades cause your mom is the teacher.
Learning colors!

fairy princess Fiona
Homeschooling does mean that little birds like my sister can be the free-spirited imaginative 5-year-olds they were meant to be, instead of being packed off to kindergarten. This girl does her book-work one-on-one (best student-teacher ratio ever!) with mom, and still has lots of time to play fairies in the back yard.

To me, being homeschooled is like being a liberal arts major. Your legitimacy gets called into question all the time, and you're the butt of everyone's jokes, but when done right, you come out not only a with a great personalized education, but as a well-rounded, whole person. I am thankful for my homeschool, big-family upbringing, and hope to give the same quality of education to my own kids someday... Once I graduate from Bryan with this liberal arts degree. ;)

But first, I'm gonna go conquer Homeschool Day with my braids and bandanna... It is Throwback Thursday after all!