Dear Nashville...Let's Be Friends?

Dear Nashville,

Since I'm moving back into the neighborhood in a few short weeks, I thought I'd drop a line in interest of renewing our acquaintance. I glimpsed you in passing recently, and I decided that I should really get to know you better.
Do you remember when we first met in December of 2007? It was brutally cold as Dad and I roamed your streets, shopping for Christmas gifts in a foreign land. I'll admit we caught you at a bad time of year, but it was also rough for me then as well, as I had just left the sweet warmth of Tallahassee's company; so, let us chalk up our chilly relationship to bad timing and start afresh.
 I'd like to do away with the facade; if we're gonna be better friends, I want to be real. I know you like to show off Broadway with all its boot shops and bars, and I know you're nicknamed "Music City" but here's the thing (and please, don't take offense) but whoever said that all that music had to be Country? Do you ever get tired of the honky-tonk and twang? I'm not out to change this integral part of who you are, but I would  very much like to know the Nashville beneath the surface. Show me your hole in the wall used bookstores, your quaint boutiques, your coffee bars, and I'll visit each one in turn.
So how about it? 2014 is just around the corner; lets do coffee sometime.

Let's Be Friends?

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