Endings and Beginnings II: A Year of Writing and Waiting

Its been a year since I started this blog. I didn't really have a plan; I just decided to write, and write often. And I did. My first post was some musings on Endings and Beginnings, which I'd like to reprise today, as I find myself in a similar place.

This week marks the end of not only another semester, but the end of my last semester of undergraduate studies. I'm done at Bryan, and though this has yet to sink in, I'm very well aware of the fact that I'm at a huge crossroads in my life. There are so many things that can be done: grad school, working, traveling... who knows! Aside from going home, I don't know what I'll be doing, where I'll get a job, or if I'll even be accepted to UT's library program. It's exciting and scary all at once. Am I ready? No. I don't think one is ever fully ready to move on from something good in life. Is it the right time? Yes.
This week also marks a year of watching God work quietly in many areas of my life, a year spent praying and waiting. Even though at this point, He hasn't handed me my hearts desires outright, He also hasn't said no either. I think of it as a semicolon. He hasn't marked my prayers with the full-stop finality of a period, but rather, He's left room for expectancy and hope for clarification in the future. Isn't hope a marvelous thing?
Here's to another year of writing. Thanks to my readers for sticking with me so far. 
 Here's to this ending and the beginnings in my future.  Whatever they are, I'll keep you informed.
   And here's to hope, because whatever God has in mind is worth waiting on.

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