Little Christmas-y Things

I've got nothing profound or terribly inspirational to write today (not... that I do on other days either..) But I did want to try to capture some of the little Christmas-y things that make this season wonderful in my house. Merry Christmas to you and yours! 

My family decorated  before I got home this year, but left my favorite ornaments, the three pearlescent angels, and the white wooden cradle for me to add to the tree.

The Christmas village and our red felt stockings all adorn the mantle; the italian creche with its birch bark stable is tucked away in the corner of the living room; and every morning the boys vie for the honor of tracing the next number on the Christmas countdown chalkboard.

There's peppermint mocha Coffee Mate in the fridge to make delightfully festive coffee, and we've baked more cookies than normal... yet no one is allowed to eat them till after the gift plates are made up. 

Meg and I are on break, and Alex came home Sunday morning, so for the first time in a while we were ALL at dinner together. Sadly, we're beginning to out grow the table; the piano bench double seating the two youngest at the end is going to be a permanent fixture during the holiday. Its good to be all together.

Meg and I are conspiring to make a tradition of last years Christmas Eve viewing of Little Women, though not an explicitly Christmas movie, the themes of love, family, and sacrifice embodied in the story are christmas-y indeed.

I added snowflakes to my blog template (do you like them?) and have been listening to music from the Beatrix Potter Tailor of Gloucester animated film (one of my favorite Christmas stories.) I'll leave you with this one. 

'Silent falls the winter snow, the air is crisp, and the fires glow. Of all the splendour in our town, the holy cathedral wears the crown. Christmas day, when the children do sing 'Open the door and let us come in', for on this day is born a king, and joyous voices are praising. Glory, glory is crowned, the cathedral glows as the voices sound. The joy and wonder fill the air, as hearts are lifted in Christmas fair.'

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