Early Morning Scribblings: 31 January 2014

It's only 6 a.m. by my body clock, (which has reset to Central time) and this is much earlier that I would normally get up at home. But I'm not at home--I'm more than at home. I sit at the kitchen counter in my old residence at school, waiting on my old goodwill coffee pot to brew the three mugs of coffee I expect to need this morning. Oh no! They're not all for me... one for me, one for Jor, and, I hope, one for Sarah, who might be over this morning (provided she got her expos homework done last night).

Last night I discovered that:

  • two full grown girls can sleep comfortably in a twin bed -- if they like each other well enough.
  • I'll never run out of things to talk about with my oldest and dearest friends
  • my oldest and dearest friends are not necessarily those I've known my whole life. Two years is plenty of time to become old and dear. I always marvel at this fact.
  • you can still have nightmares even when you're really happy and at peace with the world. But it was only a dream... I'm okay. I'm okay.
There are two new girls in Townhouse 10, and though there have been changes in the house dynamics, some things haven't changed a bit. The coffee tablespoon is in the same place I left it, and this small detail is surprisingly comforting to me. The view from the upstairs window still makes my breath catch in my chest and the Bryan Sky is still the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. 

Jor is getting ready upstairs, I've fixed her coffee for her, and its waiting on the counter for her to dash out to her 8 o'clock biology class. I like taking care of people. It's nice to be needed, even if my skill-set of listening and coffee-making is small. I offer what I can joyfully.

I don't plan to do much today. Just being, enjoying the company of my dearests, and savoring this sweet time. Oh, and singing this song.

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