Through the Closet (and what Sarah Found There)

Yesterday, (because I'm sure you're wondering "what book character has Sarah been imagining herself to be lately?") I felt very much like Alice. Yes, that Alice, of Wonderland and the Looking-Glass.

 It might have been the way in which, while still lying in bed this morning, staring at the terribly white ceiling above me, I told myself with great determination that I absolutely had to finish unpacking my school boxes. Or it might have been the fact that I found my yellow primrose calico skirt (with the perfect pocket: perfect because when I made it, I cut it exactly to fit my hand) that always makes me feel like a storybook character. Or maybe it was the fact that when Elfman's "Alice's Theme" came on my Spotify, I liked it more than ever. Or maybe, and probably most likely, it was because when I opened my closet doors to sort and settle everything from my boxes, it just went on and on in an Odd sort of Wonderland all it's own, in which I had many Adventures of Memories, and discovered many Curious Items. I found some of these relics so fascinating that I decided to catalog them.

(In no particular order)
One Ring to Rule them all. Yes, I was the kid with the die cast collector's edition of the Ring from LoTR. Yes, I wore it on a chain around my neck. Yes, I am a die-hard Tolkien Enthusiast.

Also in the category of Things to Be Worn About the Neck:

  • One handstitched muslin pouch. Highly significant in imaginary play, because pouches are cool. The embroidered name "Song" on it leads me to believe it had to do with my Redwall based adventures that happened mainly from ages 11-15. 
  • One bottle-cork pendant on a length of blue yarn. (To keep the Nargles at bay) Part of my Luna Lovegood costume one year (and now I wonder where the Ravenclaw robes have got to.)
  • The fine gold chain and ruby pendant my parents gave me for my 16th birthday. Quite a relief to find, as I hadn't seen it in a year, and was beginning to despair for it's loss.
A bundle of silver artificial flowers turned up in a box, a delicate snowdrop type that I worn in my hair at my first Bryan banquet. Now, there's a happy memory.

Also Bryan related: not far from the flowers was simple black bow on a pin, discarded from my Women's chorus dress. I loved the dress style, long, empire waist, with a scoop neck and short sleeves (to be worn with black tights, black closed toe shoes, and foundation, blush, and mascara please ladies, we don't want to look washed out up there) , but the WC girls unanimously agreed that the detachable bow (located just beneath the bustline) had to go. 

There was a small mint tin, with an even smaller pencil stub inside. I found myself wondering what brand of crazy I might be to have saved such an insignificant trinket for so long. (but no longer!) A floppy disk with unknown contents also appeared, and I've kept that against the day I find a computer that still has a floppy drive, as Im pretty sure I saved a story on one a long, long time ago. 

My favorite find of the day was the small brass key that turned up in my backup knitting bag. I always seemed to have an odd key or two floating around when I was a little girl. I would wear one on a chain (did I mention that I have a penchant for odd necklaces) and in my vivid imagination, it went to some magical garret that I'd yet to find. No garrets sprang to mind this time, but rather its plain, unextraordinary appearance so reminded me of the key to the TARDIS, that I could almost believe for a second that the Doctor himself had left it with me... and Oh, I wished so hard that it would show up. There's a great many things I could find to do with a time machine. :) 

I'll end this list of Oddities with one last item.. and a picture. I found a magnetic word poetry set-thing. (what is the technical term for these? Anyone?)  that I had acquired from some library event. The last time I'd fiddled around with it had to have been before we moved to Tennessee, so I was probably around 16 when I last arranged these words. I haven't changed too terribly much as, at 22, I'd still say the same thing.

I'm feeling like

Till next time, dear reader.
I remain your Maker of Lists and Collector of Oddities


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