Living Snapshots: Coke and Peanuts

I'm not one to take pictures, but if I concentrate hard enough on a moment, I can learn it by heart, storing away in my memory, not only images, but sounds, scents and emotions. To me, that living snapshot is worlds better than a whole album of two-dimensional pictures. I have so many of these moments stored away from this weekend... my own personal scrapbook of happiness to flip through in the upcoming weeks. Here's one of my favorites...

Jori and I stand in front of the glass doors of the drink coolers in the Dayton General Store, perusing the selection of old-fashioned glass bottled sodas like its the hardest decision that we have to make--and for the day, it is. Forget the worries and woes of grown-up-ed-ness; today we wear hair ribbons and light spirits as we wander the sidewalks of our old town in search of a  swingset and  some adventure.
Swinging the cooler door open, I grab a Coke, (I'm in need of something tried and true, something classic) and head to the counter to pay. Jori is behind me when she notices the snack display with its MoonPies and bags of peanuts.
"Have you ever had Coke and peanuts?" she asks.
I turn around to face her, seeking clarification,
"Do you mean putting the peanuts *in* the Coke?"
She's not the first ask me about this odd combination.
She nods, "My dad taught me to do it."
Maybe its my Yankee heritage that has kept me in the dark from this tradition, I hadn't heard of it till recently--since I've lived in the South.
Jori grabs a packet of peanuts and adds them to her purchase, "We're making this happen."
We stop by the bottle opener on the way out the door; I relish  the almost musical pop and fizz of the bottlecap seal being broken, and slip the discarded cap into the pocket of my jean--as a memory keeper.
Outside the general store we stand at a simple plank counter in the sunshine. Jori shakes some peanuts into my hand  and I drop them one by one through the narrow bottleneck.  The Coke fizzes slightly in reaction. Jori watches as I take my first sip. The salty peanuts accentuate the sweetness of the the Coke, and any skepticism I'd had beforehand dissolves. Its good, and Jori smiles at my nod of approval as we continue our wandering adventure down the streets of Dayton.

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