Commonplace Notes

If I wrote it down, it must have been Important...Or so you might think.

I grabbed my cell phone to log a quote from the episode of Doctor Who that James and I were watching last night, and was drawn to the other notes in my cell phone notepad. I always forget that they're there, until I decide I must record something... when said recorded thought just joins the other hidden notes. Its a shame that I forget about them, as they were obviously important enough to me at the time to want to remember them. So, I've decided to go through and try to remember when and why I made these notes... you know, just in case something important is brought to mind. It should be fun for me, and you, dearest reader-mine, may just learn something about my crazy mind and how it works.

1. (Last night's quote, which, ironically perfectly fits this exercise.)
"Nothing is ever forgotten, not completely, and it something can be remembered, it can come back." --The Eleventh Doctor, "The Pandorica Opens"
this is when the Doctor is talking to Amy about Rory... she's forgotten him because... technically due to the wonky cracks in the universe, he's been erased from all time... but PSYCH! he's actually just become a Roman... it's very distracting. (can a Whovian get a fist bump for that reference, please? thanks.)

2. Hedgehog in the Fog
Luge ramp in the yard
Rite of Spring
Drogo's Waltz?
Sabre Dance
Swan Lake
This is a list I made while watching the Sochi 2014 Opening Ceremonies... mostly music to look up later... and a memory note, (my dad made us a luge ramp in our back yard when we were little. Jealous? yeah, I thought so. ;)... I have no earthly idea about the Hedgehog bit. 

3. Joan: Wry and Cynical
June: sweet, "my greatest joy is getting new cleaning products. I don't tell people that often"
character notes on the ladies at my knit group... I'm gonna write about the people of my town someday... beautiful people.

4. Till all the seas go dry
Danny Kaye, the Tchaikovsky Song
Music notes here... I think "Till all the seas go dry" is from "My Love is Like a Red, Red, Rose"... the Robert Burns poem... And Danny Kaye, one of my favorite old time actor/singers... he apparently became famous on this "patter song" which showcases his ability to spit out many complicated words very quickly. 
He's fantastic. 

5. In matters of importance, style, not sincerity is what matters.
I have a bad habit of not citing my quotes in my note taking... O.o ...but Google being the modern convenience that it is, a quick search reveals this to be an Oscar Wilde quote from The Importance of Being Earnest which I've seen 3 times with in the past two months... movie version twice, Hilltop Players production once. I have no idea why I wanted to remember this line...

6. pearl harbor, summer solace, last of mohicans, alice.
More music notes... I have a lot of music notes it would seem...what do this things have in common? they're all albums that play on my favorite Pandora Station. Type in "Little Women (film score)" and you'll get essentially the same experience. :) 

Are you getting bored yet? oh silly peanut, you have my permission to leave at any point. This is not mandatory reading. There will be no test at the end of the year.

7.  Buried in a blue plaid polyester suit with a bolo tie, huge chunk of turquoise.
I know this has its source in "things I hear at knitting group" but I can't remember who said it... character notes. This man must have been interesting.

8. Seeing Redd-- Beddor
book notes... the next book in the Looking Glass Wars series (a retelling of Alice in Wonderland) first book was fantastic... was obviously trying to remind myself to get the second book. Consider it done, dear Sarah-from-the-Past.

9. On Reading Woolf. Long juicy sentences, like blackberries to be savored at length leaving seedy semicolons stuck in your teeth.
Ok, please don't laugh at me. Please have a heart for a poor, dear girl who sometimes tries to be poetic... especially when she's bored stiff at work, and letting her mind wander about. Yes, I remember exactly when I thought and logged this line. No, I don't remember why I was thinking about Virginia Woolf. Yes, I thought it was rather brilliant at the time. Yes, I still do think (albeit kind of sheepishly) its rather brilliant. No, I'm not  very humble, thanks for asking.

10. A half finished book is like a half finished love affair --Cloud Atlas
movie quote. don't watch the movie, its a little odd. more than a little odd. but this line was perfect. I have 8 half finished love affairs on my nightstand at the moment. eep. I'd better work on that.

11. The White Stripes "We're Going To Be Friends"
American Authors "Best Day of My Life"
Mumford and Sons "Hopeless Wanderer"
Mumford and Sons "Sigh No More"
still more music notes... all jotted down while at work in IT this past semester... all of which cheer me up... all of which can be found on my Senioritis playlist. Enjoy. ;)

And Last but (most certainly) not least... a roommate quote. hehheh. She's lucky I didn't have more of these...
12. The way to boy's heart is through the stomach... and the Bible. --Jor
I don't even know.  who knows why we have any of the conversations we have, but they make sense to us in the moment, and that's all that matters. My sister in everything weird and wonderful... that's my Jor for ya.

Well, there you have it, a glorious cornucopia of randomness from the Stuff Drawer (being my family's term for that one drawer where we keep just Stuff) of my mind. Maybe this will become a blog tradition, I don't know... say, every so often, when I remember to look at my cell phone notepad again... oh, that reminds me of a question that's always plagued me: How many times makes a Tradition? Hmm? Think on that and get back to me.

yours ever,