Late Night Scribblings: On Imagination, Hope and Waiting

Dearest Reader-mine, I suppose I should feel bad about inundating you with so many words so close together, as this makes four April posts within the first 10 days, (and I'm probably not done yet) but, I don't. Not really. When I have to write, I just have to write, and since this is the medium through which my thoughts flow best at this time in my life, here I am. 

If my life were a BBC sci-fi drama (and yes, this is a thought I often have) I'd wake up tonight to pebbles hitting my window and a Tardis (plus operator, cause Tardises can't throw pebbles) in my front yard. Now, lest you think I've lost my mind completely to my fandom, allow me to explain. Here I am: a girl in her twenties, living a comfortably mundane existence; studying for exams and filling out job applications. I know there's more to life, somewhere beyond my little sphere; however, I just haven't quite reached the time in which it's right for me to step out, (nor have I found the way out for that matter; I'm working on that). But I know I'm almost there. I can feel it tonight. Yes, I'm on the cusp of an adventure I think; whether its an adventure that involves being a time-traveling companion, or just finally growing up I'll leave to your imagination.

So, I wait for the event that will set off the chain reaction that will send me on my way.  And in my waiting, there's hope. I've discovered lately, that where there's hope, there's imagination, and vice versa. The one feeds the other: hope perpetuates the imagining of splendid dreams, and those dreams in turn fan the sparks of hope that I hold in my chest, keeping them alive. Without one, I think the other might die.

And so, here I sit: twenty-two, flour on my face from late-night baking escapades, still wearing my apron, cup of tea beside me. Without the company of my dreams, I'd be quite lonely tonight. However, I've got them in my head, and hope in my heart--hope that soon I'll find the path to that great Somewhere I'm headed toward.

--The Girl Who Waits

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