Words to the Unnamed...

Dear You,

It's nearly midnight as I sit here writing to you. I was studying biology just now and drinking coffee, just plugging away at my work, when all of a sudden I was hit with an inexplicable heaviness of spirit. You know, the kind that you feel in your heart that makes you want to burst into tears. I'm no more or less stressed than usual (not even by the biology materials that are dominating my workspace at the moment)... so, its not like I'm not okay... its more like I felt that somewhere out there, someone else is not okay. And that's not okay.

I don't know who you are, or if you're even reading this. I don't know if I even know you. I stopped to pray just now, whispering the name of every person who came to mind, but also keeping in mind the unnamed and unknown.

I don't know what you need, or what exactly you're feeling at the moment, but know this, best beloved, you're just that. You're loved. I love you in the small way of my human heart and, far better than that, my Father loves you in the greatness of His.

I hope that these words aren't mere platitudes, written only to ease my own heaviness of heart,  but instead an earnest prayer for the one who needs it tonight.

I pray that tonight you find rest and awake to joy tomorrow morning.
I pray that you know you're not alone.
Dear unnamed, unknown someone: be well.


From my mouth to God's ears...