23 // A Random Assortment of Facts About the Author

1.) Sometimes I wake up in the morning and wonder if I actually exist..... then I snap out of it.
2.) I have a red speck in my right eye and a freckle on my right index toe. If you ever need to positively identify me, those are the keys.
3.) I believe in fairy tales. 
4.) My favorite word is "archipelago" (Mmm... just say it, let it roll off your tongue... don't you love it?)
5.) My cinematic soul sister is Kathleen Kelly.
6.) I had an essay published in a young writers anthology last year. Kinda proud of that.
7.) I speak fluent Fangirl, specializing in the dialects of Whovian, Nerdfighter, Potter and Austen.
8.) I share my birthday with Tchaikovsky (also, I can never spell Tchaikovsky right the first time.)
9.)Favorite author: Madeleine L'Engle
10.) I over-think things, 99.9% of the time.
11.) I plan to go to grad school to be a librarian (and yes, you have to get a degree to be a librarian.)
12.) I am really a superhero. When I am not being the mild mannered blogger that you know and love, I am called Dewey Decimal girl, and there is no bibliographic emergency to big, (or small) for me. (Superpowers include: Bookfinding, and Super-Glare)
13.) I am an unabashed Celtophile (thanks Da!)
14.) I love the old fashioned feminine arts of needlework (knitting, sewing, embroidery... you name it)
15.) I have a thrift store armchair named Lucy Maud; sit in it at your own risk; I will probably kick you out.
16.) My personal style: Either Jane-Austen-Librarian-Chic or Confused-Pseudo-Hipster or Just-Fell-Out-Of-A-Children's-Story-Probably-One-That-Involves-Talking-Animals. It depends on the day.
17.) I'd rather take a Shelfie than a Selfie.
18.) Coffee is my love language (next to words of affirmation and quality time... seriously, if you take the time to bring me coffee and talk nice to me, I'll love you forever.)
19.) I love writing, but I hate proofreading. I'd rather fold a basket of my brothers mismatched socks than proofread even my shortest blog posts.
20.) I'm addicted to parenthetical statements (and dashes--I do love a good dash)
22.) I'm incredibly happy with a rainy day
23.) I love making lists.

And there you have it. Maybe you'll get 24 more facts this time next year. We'll see.


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