*Can* I write a post than that is shorter than my usual length of "very long"? Also, will I ever remember that I have the wonders of formatting here on blogger and therefore don't have to use asterisks to denote italics? (Probably not for a long time. "Oooldd habits die hard, when you got, When you got a sentimental heart" Thanks Zooey. Thank you for that.) Also, what demon bug keeps biting my ankle?

These are the questions that I will not try to answer tonight.

Tonight, I  write a hodgepodge.

(OOH! 11:11! QUICK! MAKE A WISH! *squints really tight and wishes* >.< Ok, 11:12, back to your previously scheduled broadcasting.)

I've had many half formed thoughts that I've considered fleshing out and writing on, but none of it has been happening, so here I am, sewing a scrap of calico to a strip of flannel to make a crazy-quilt of words.

Things I've considered doing lately:
Stopping my car on the side of the road to fill my arms with black-eye susans on my way home from work.
Going to a movie all by myself.  (Didn't because of reasons.)

Conclusions I've come to:
95% of Irish lads are heartbroken 75% of the time. This is 100% based on the music of the High Kings.
Scotch tape may smell pretty darn good, but book-laminating-film is the queen of all library supply smells.
People should stop writing vampire books.

Completely random news bulletin:
Slowly but surely I'm learning html and css. I feel pretty cool when I'm typing up line of code, even if its still pretty awkward. This is to fuel my never ceasing quest for the perfect blog look.

This is almost too long to be short now. I will never stop attempting to use asterisks to denote italics. I still don't know what demon bug is biting my ankle.

Hodgepodge. over and out.

Have you ever wanted to read a book that feels like sitting in a tree on a brisk Sunday afternoon in autumn? Read The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making. Its just as delicious as the title promises. Full review to come soon.

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