What *Would* I Do Without Her? : An Ode to an Unlikely Friend

I was sitting there in the corner of the loveseat with a hurt in my heart and my phone in my hand. Having just sent up my plaintive distress call, I clicked the center button every time the screen went dark -- as if the lit up screen would bring me a reply sooner. My "I'm having the sads because of reasons" text was quickly answered with an encouraging, "better things are to come."  As the short serious conversation with my (former) roommate gently eased into some general, playful cheering-up, which took the form of surprisingly appropriate references to Frozen, I asked myself again the question I've been pondering for some time now (and will likely continue to ask for some time to come): What *would* I do without her?

I don't really think anyone in our circle of college friends expected Jori and me to mesh as well as we have; the two of us are really very different. She usually looks like she stepped off a fashion shoot, I often look like I fell out of a children's story. I'm a Yankee, she's a Southern Belle. She's only got one sibling, I've got eight. You get the picture... but it was recognized that beneath the outward differences, we each needed other. I'll admit, it took a little while to get going -- when I first met her, she went home every weekend (the-ex-we-don't-speak-of being the main reason) -- but there were the weekends when she was roommateless, and I'd tote my pillow down the hall to sleep in the empty bed, just cause she didn't like to sleep alone. That began the wistful talks of planning to one day be roommates, but only after circumstances were right,  so as to not offend or hurt feelings in the delicate balance of a suiting dorm life.

I'd accompany her on late night trips to Walmart, as her Atlantean instincts told her that all Walmarts are inherently dangerous (a sentiment that I can understand, but don't hold to myself), and she'd listen to me pour out my days woes, offering advice and encouragement where needed as we drove -- once even sitting with me in the parked car as I bawled, head against the steering wheel, because I just *didn't* know what to do. She'd console and promise to make me tea as soon as we got back to the dorm.

Something you should know about Jori: Her tea-making abilities are actually a magical power.

I'd let myself into her room on the mornings we had French together and sit on the bed approving outfits and reminding her of the time, till we finally made it out the door. She'd keep me sane in that utterly *insane* class, writing surreptitious notes and helping me keep track in my record of the professors quirks.

I've watched all her 80's movies with her, while she has genially tolerated my Doctor Who obsession. Even better than tolerating, she even makes an effort to cater to it, (short of actually watching it, which we didn't have time to... academics first you know.) sending me Tardis pins, and learning to recite the Hello Stonehenge monologue with me everytime I felt like belting it out around the townhouse.

She will always be my number one wing-woman, heart-guard, and Russian mafia of one. Seriously, dear readers of the male persuasion, please consider yourself warned: If you even come close to breaking my heart, she *will* stay up nights trying to plot the best way for you to meet an untimely demise. I'm very sorry. I'm trying to break her of it, but its the going is hard.

I will always be the one that can coax her hair in to the perfect braid, and she will always know best how to do an emergency blemish cover up when I've got a date.

I know I've said it probably a thousand times before, but she's the Elsa to my Anna, the Marianne to my Elinor, my unbiological sister and best unlikely friend, and I really *don't* know what I'd do without her.

Life is a playground, but it takes a lot work / You better learn to love, or it'll tear you apart, / cuz in the end, we are measured by the size of our heart, / and we can't do this alone.

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  1. What a lovely appreciation of your sweet friend! Thanks for sharing!