Endings and Beginnings III: a marker in the middle

For those that may not know, I like marking time.
I celebrate my favorite authors' birthdays, my friendship anniversaries (when I know them, that is),  and season changes. When a special tradition hits a mile marker, like the 15th week in  row that my good friend sent me the same meme on a Friday morning at 7, I celebrate that too.
I mark serious events too, letting myself be aware in the moment, the day, that so many years ago I was in a certain place, and then life changed. I mark these days the way my parents marked my height against the wall, standing next to the previous graphite smudges to see how tall I've grown.

Today, (since I know you're wondering what I'm leading up to now) Today marks two years writing here. Last year this time, I wrote at the desk in my empty room in Townhouse 10, having packed the last of my belongings into the van to send home with mom. I'd finished my last final that week, and was done with Bryan, in theory... I hung onto school (for better or worse) for another semester yet. Graduation in May would be the closure I would need later on. I wrote about hope last year, about semicolons, and how the two were similar. I didn't know then how I'd need that very word to keep hanging on as the months out of school winded by, how during those months, I would keep a semicolon marked in sharpie-ink on my wrist to remind me to keep looking further ahead.

This year is different. I write from my hobbit hole of a bedroom in Jackson, TN. There is no ending, nor beginning that I've reached about now. Rather, I'm right in the middle of something--something that stretches out in front of me with its 5 year plans and 10 year goals. But in interest of keeping with my tradition of marking endings and beginnings on this day, I give you a few things that have either begun, ended or in some cases run an entire course and done both since last year.

Ended: a ridiculous crush that lasted too long
Begun: a love of all things Anna and Elsa
Ended and Begun: the best pen-pal friendship I've experienced to date (Sad its over, happy it happened)
Ended and Begun: third library job
Begun: first full time job
Begun: fourth library job
Begun: new friendships
Begun: first rental agreement
Begun: growing up
Begun: habits that will last a long long time, like Friday evening grocery shopping and chronic library visiting, and favorite mug carrying.

In the Middle of: Life, and living it.

To this new year. *raises coffee mug*

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  1. I love reading your posts, Sarah. Always so thoughtful and well written and making me think. So like you.

    1. Thank you, Dr. Impson. I miss you!