Fighting Dragons

The mother with the black eye walked into my little queendom with her little boy, and asked, "is it alright if we're in here?"
I was surveying my craft tables and the handful of preschoolers making their fire breathing dragons. We'd just finished reading about Knights and damsels and dragons. "We've just finished story time; You're welcome to join us!" I cleared a spot for her and her son at the table and they began working together. 

The other families dispersed for lunch, and I would have cleaned up then gone on break as I usually do at noon, but something held me back. I kept working around the children's room as the mom and her son played on the children's computers together. She kept glancing at me and I tried to have my welcoming face on. Finally she spoke to me, adjusting the headphones on her little boys ears to make sure he was absorbed in his game. In not so many words as gestures and quiet references, she made it clear that she needed help. Really unsure of what to do, I went to my director for assistance, and together wet tracked down the contacts for the local women's care center, and other agencies. 
I was afraid of scaring away this woman by asking the questions I needed to ask, but I chatted, slowly getting what we needed, and gave her the numbers to call. She took my offer of using my desk phone, and I took her son to play with puzzles on the other side of the room.  When they left an hour later, going to meet the women's care worker, I went to lunch, and cried, heartbroken for this women, who couldn't have been much older than myself, relieved that I'd been able to do something to help.  Our print-tech, who's normally antagonistic toward me (in the most friendly manner) found me in the workroom and asked it this was my first time dealing with an abuse situation. I nodded affirmation. He was quiet, then said "you did good, Sarah."  

I didn't feel heroic, didn't deceive myself into thinking I'd fixed this woman's problem. I felt like I'd beaten back a dragon, but this was only round one.  That beast is far from slain.
Come quickly,Lord Jesus.

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