Life is too short to read mediocre books (and other thoughts from a rainy Saturday)

This rain makes me happy-sad.
I want to go back in time--just for the day--to a Saturday in the Townhouse, the kind where I'd wake up long before Jor, my roommate, and be sitting there in my Lucy-chair,  having had a million and one wonderful thought-adventures by the time she opened her eyes across the room and sleepily said good morning. I'd give her a minute to actually wake up before hopping into bed with her to explain some tidbit about Byronic Heroes or Christina Rossetti's poetry that I'd just read. She always loved how awake I was first thing in the morning. (This is sarcasm; oh, for ironic punctuation to be standardized.)

But no time travel for me today; my Tardis key is lying cold on my dresser, no lovely vworp vworp 
noises coming from the living room. I've been trying to figure out what to do with myself today. I have a nightstand full of library books, but none have really captured my interest as of yet. I'm contemplating making a Bag of Shame, where I can hide the books I've started but haven't wanted to finish, until I can take them back to the library. I hate not finishing books, but if I've learned anything from my recent burnout of YA Dystopian genre fiction, its that life is too short to read mediocre books, so I've been teaching myself that is okay to put that lifeless book aside for the one that feeds my soul.
Sadly, the one book I really crave reading right now is out on loan to a friend. But as soon as it comes back home... *sigh*

I've wanted to create lately... I guess that's why I'm ramble-blogging right now. I've been rather dry of inspiration and it makes me sad. I haven't really keep my writing gears well oiled of late, and I don't know what to do to change that. Other than just to do hard work and write. Most of my creativity is channeled into storytime crafts, and library programs of late, which isn't bad... it just isn't outside of my job. I like having my little things that are separate from work. I love work, but I'll only love my work as long as it doesn't take over my whole life and being.

The rain has no intention of stopping today, so I'm gonna continue to poke around for something to do. I plan to finish the hat on my knitting needles, and Downton Abbey... but maybe I'll go back to my stack of books, and try to find a gem among the duds.  I'll just be here in my garret if you need me.

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