Exit 1, Posy at the Ballet, and other otherworldly things.

I went into the Orpheum tonight channelling Posy Fossil from Ballet Shoel. Seeing Swan Lake has been a dream for a while, probably ever since the days when every library visit included me bringing home at least one anthology of ballet stories, and one photo-essay day-in-the-life-of-a-ballet company book.
The first ballet I ever went to was the Atlanta Ballet's production of the Nutcracker at the historic Fox Theatre in downtown Atlanta. It had been a treat from my roommates parents to her and I, and I'll never forget the magic of that night, which was perfectly encapsulated by the little girl who started twirling in the aisle the moment Clara entered the forests of the Nutcracker's kingdom and the gentle snowfall began over the audience. I, being too grown up of a girl to join her with out judgement, instead cried with happiness, at her, at the snowfall, at the sheer magic of it all.

So when I read that Ballet Memphis would be performing Swan Lake this season, I made up my mind to go. It was both an attempt to work on my "love where you live" skills, and discover the good things about West Tennessee, and a need to feed the urge to do wonderfully creative things with my weekends, while I'm young and untethered and all that. 

My drive after church (and after a quick stop at home to thrown on what I call my "opera frock" - really just your standard little black dress) was made pleasant by  a full hour of Prairie Home Companion, Garrison Keillor's rich voice filling my car with observations on Midwestern living and bluegrass parody music. 
As the 40 lead me into Memphis, I was awed by the signs noting that my exit was the last 40 exit in Tennessee. I guess it makes sense that there always is a beginning and end, I'd just never had it pointed out so specially before. 

I mentioned Posy Fossil at the beginning on this post, so I'll return to her. Posy, the actual dancer of the three Fossil sisters in Ballet Shoes, goes to see Swan Lake with her instructor, and she's excited, awed, and inspired all at once. That was precisely how I felt-a small girl in a black dress making her way through the crowds of people, sitting raptly at attention, trying to take in everything while waiting for the curtain to rise, and when it finally did, getting lost in the glory of music and movement, and wanting forever to stay in that moment. 

But all good things come to an end...However, Posy can stay with me a little longer tonight, as I make my tea, and pretend I'm entirely of another world as I go to sleep tonight. 

Tomorrow is soon enough to be myself. 

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  1. Good night Sweet Posy! May your Dreams be as sweet as you are!