This is my heartbeat song and I'm gonna play it

Dear Friend,
First things first, I'll have you know that there are some things that can only be said like this, in a typed epistle, addressed to you, the nonexistant, but somehow very real, construct of my imagination. I remember when I discovered that the words would pour from my fingertips, even as they filled my brain to overflowing, when you were born--slowly becoming and gathering shape of your own even as you borrowed traits from others. You and I are very much the same, which is why I find you a good audience. When I don't know what to say, and yet I want to say things, I say them to you. So, Thank you.

Enough of the prelude. There are Things to say! I've found that I'm classically conditioned to want to write when there is weather other than nice. In all honesty, I hate simply "nice" weather. (Which is why, best beloved, I must move to London) Simply "nice" weather--balmy weather--is weather without spice. It is plain mashed potatoes with no butter and salt. It is emotionless to me. Give me the all day drizzle, the gusting winds, the bedtime thunderstorms, and I'm happy. In fact, it flips this little switch, that plays a little song that goes, "if you're happy and you know it write a post..." Sometimes I actually get about to actually writing. Other times I pretend like I'm gonna and just enjoy the endorphins.

Rambling, rambling, rambling... "Rambling makes old friends and geniuses"; I think that's what someone I once knew used to say.

Working hard makes the off time so much sweeter. I haven't even had time to think about getting bored at work lately, there's always something to be doing. Working hard doing things that are hard for you, or that go against your innate personality also makes going home time more rewarding. On days like today, when I've forced myself into that car and out on the canvassing trail, and talked to more strangers than I usually do, using more words than usual, I truly feel a sense of accomplishment towards my day. If you did hard things today, bravo! treat yo' self.

I almost met a celebrity today. I'm obsessed with this car dealership in town, that runs fabulous ads on the local pop station featuring the dealer's wife, the current season/holiday for theme, and the catch phrase, "is your vehicle wearing a bowtie?" all in a charming west Tennessee accent. I had to hit up the dealership on my fundraising route and talked to the dealer himself, but not the wife. I really REALLY wanted to talk to the wife, but based on the fangirl freakout I had in the car after I left the place, I think I might have passed out on the spot had I actually talked to the Mrs.
When you live and work in a small town, its the little things that bring color to your day.

On the flip side, I had a fan encounter of my own. My sister has this classmate who happens to be a mutual instagram follower of mine, and we've met on occasion, but my sister keeps telling me that we should be friends, cause we both love Taylor Swift and stuff. So I was at a senior art show at the college today and saw the girl across the hall, and she waved and grinned, and I waved and grinned just like we've been pals for ever. And we talked a bit, and naturally I was slightly awkward as mandated in all my social interactions the first time around, but it did my heart good. Everyone needs to know that someone else out there thinks you're the stuff, and just really likes you as a human being. Its a good feeling. (if you're reading this, Ashley: thanks for making my day--you're awesome! I hope you know that! ^_^)

Ok, am I rambled out yet? yes? I think...
Tomorrow is Thursday, friend. Thursdays are that awkward/cool almost friday, but not really friday day. which sounds ridiculous when I see it written out like that, but whatever. I understand me.
Then Friday and sweet asocial solitude.
Then Saturday and the day I try to do everything I ever wanted to do ever, or die trying ,
Then Sunday, and for once I'm actually starting to look forward to going to church for more than just the sermon... getting to know people finally. (and in the afternoon, my own special little adventure all planned out and kept to myself.)

Alright, Friend. Finally rambled out.

keeping my thought catcher open for you, till next time we do this kind of sprawling letter thing. Though, the next time I write may be a more thoughtful piece so don't expect a repeat anytime soon.

your scribbler

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