my favorite things - may 2015

Since last month's faves wrap-up post, I've thought a little more about how specifically I want these monthly things to work. So I've come up with a few categories which may or may not appear every time. They are: Entertainment/Music - Food - Life Practice - App/Program/Website - Craftsy. Now, Without further ado... Here's my favorite things from May.

Swinging Mindfullness 101

After a having slightly mental moment at work today, in a week full of such moments (that will only become more frequent as summer reading approaches) I escaped the library for my lunch hour with only two goals:
1.) to eat my lunch in the peace of my car where no one can find me, and
2.) to find a swing and swing on it.

I've found that my greatest stress reliever is to get on a swing and pump for dear life- to kick those legs out and back, out and back, exercise those abs, and just fly.

My theory on swinging is simple. When you get on a swing with a brain full of mangled up tangled up thoughts, a couple of things happen.
First, you automatically begin to feel like a kid again because, obviously, you're at a playground where most 24 year-old--or grown-ups of other ages--don't go alone (unless you're Leslie Knope of course). Second, as you pump up, higher and higher, thinking those mangled up tangled up thoughts, an amazing thing starts to happen.  You begin to think less and less about your thoughts and more and more about your swinging. How high can I get? Is this swingset anchored properly? Has anyone ever flipped over the bar? You're being, just being, ever so perfectly in the moment.  Once you've realized this state of being, you can then begin to imagine the thoughts you had been thinking untangling and slipping away. Its as if the physical force of pumping your arms and legs draws the problems away from your brain on the backward swing, then flings them far, far away-out through your toes and into the soccer fields-on the forward swing. A little extra kick at the peak never hurts.
10 minutes of this, and you'll be doing fine. You can go back to the demands of your life refreshed and happy.

I dare you to try it!

24 // Things I know about myself and life

  1. I can pick up my life and move to a new place, and survive it. I've been doing this involuntarily my whole childhood, and did it on my own this past year.
  2. I can do pretty much anything I put my mind to. 
  3. I will not do anything I don't really want to do. (As far as things I have a choice about goes, that is.)
  4. A secret about everyone else's jobs: "Deep down, everyone is just faking it till they figure it out, and you [and I] will too." Thanks April Ludgate.
  5. I will always try to avoid taking multiple trips from my car, even if it means dropping a bag or groceries or two on the way in.
  6. Talking to people is hard, but usually worth it.
  7. I'm always going to think the best of people, even though most of the time, they're going to fail me. It's nicer to think well of them, though, no matter what. 
  8. I'll never forget X random awkward thing I did in Middle school (or yesterday) and I'm always gonna cringe at myself for it. but that doesn't mean I'm not working on not letting my pride define me. 
  9. I'm always gonna dread Mondays, and feel sick on Sunday nights.
  10. Being alone on a Friday night is amazingly freeing.
  11. Being alone on a Saturday night is the
  12. Begin alone on a Sunday night is  the worst thing since lima beans.
  13. Life is too short to read mediocre books. 
  14. Every vegetable is better doused in olive oil and roasted.
  15. Hearing screams of "THE LIBRARIAN IS HERE!" is the closest I'll be to being a rockstar.
  16. Design matters and so I'll always care about book covers.
  17. If I go without coffee, I will have a wicked headache, no matter how I try to deceive myself into thinking I'm not caffeine dependent.
  18. There's always gonna be someone who doesn't care to hear what I have to say.
  19. But for everyone of those ^ there's someone who does care.
  20. I'll never know whether I'm a feminist or not, cause the word "feminism" --like the word "dating"-- means different things to different people. yes, I'm your kind of feminist. but not yours... oh bother. just don't ask me. 
  21. All lives matter. end of story.
  22. I'll never be able to stay away from a library.
  23. Spending money on the artists/authors/musicians/causes you love will always be worth it.
  24. I'm never gonna understand grace this side of glory.

000s - Generalities

I don't remember a time when I didn't know how the Dewey Decimal system worked. It falls into the same black hole as the time before I could read. My mom encouraged me to memorize my first Dewey number--741.5, comic books. Specifically, Sunday funny-paper collections.

I've lived and breathed and absorbed information organization for over 15 years of my life, and only a small part of that time was intentional. The point is, I feel innately built for library work. This stuff comes naturally to me. So when, like this week, I find myself in the position of training a new hire on library things, I find myself at an impasse. I've only ever worked with people that knew as much, or more than me in most matters of the library. My first instinct is to assume that what comes naturally to me, must be also ingrained in the minds of those I work with as well. Not so much...

my favorite things - april 2015

In an effort to breathe a bit of life in to my blog again, I'm trying to restructure here. You should expect another routine template redesign in the next couple of weeks (I can't go a year without a redesign apparently... I'm just really addicted to making pretty things), and possibly the introduction of a more themed approach. I find that I am more motivated to create when I have structure and organization, and pretty little checklists in my pretty little notebooks to check off. So, this post marks the inauguration of a monthly wrap-up feature, in which I'll share with you what I've been excited about, obsessed with, or otherwise into in the past month.