my favorite things - april 2015

In an effort to breathe a bit of life in to my blog again, I'm trying to restructure here. You should expect another routine template redesign in the next couple of weeks (I can't go a year without a redesign apparently... I'm just really addicted to making pretty things), and possibly the introduction of a more themed approach. I find that I am more motivated to create when I have structure and organization, and pretty little checklists in my pretty little notebooks to check off. So, this post marks the inauguration of a monthly wrap-up feature, in which I'll share with you what I've been excited about, obsessed with, or otherwise into in the past month.

washi tape

That colorful paper tape of Japanese origin has been catching my eye in craft stores a lot of late. I kept telling myself that I didn't need another craft supply to hoard, so I put it off... till now. I caved one day when I was looking for a way to mark off my desk into sections to keep tidy. That quickly turned into "put washi tape on ALL the things!" from binders to folders to monitors to making paper clips into flags. It's cheap, and cheerful and inspires me to keep organized... so I'm glad I gave in. :)


Did someone say organization? My life has been a crazy mess of summer reading planning of late, and in an effort to manage the flood, I turned to pinterest many a night for ideas... and of course, it bled over from work related organization to gleaning ideas for home organization.  See the madness here: ;)
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china flats

I have a pair of red ones. They are darling and wonderful. I will wear no other shoe ever again. That is all.

parks and rec

a.k.a. Parks and Recreation a.k.a. the mockmentary that filled the Office void a.k.a. the funniest, most poignant, most relevant TV show to my life at the moment. 
I binge watched Parks and Rec this month, and I regret nothing. I didn't know at the onset how relatable a show about a parks department would be... but I quickly learned that its not just about the parks--its about local government, community servants, being passionate about your work in the face of those that are apathetic towards everything... so basically its about my life right now as I work in a city library. Leslie Knope's spirit has been a real inspiration to keep at it  in my work, and boy do I ever need it some days. Also, I just stumbled across this article about the character of Leslie Knope in Christianity Today the other day-- I'll just leave it here

So there it is... Just a handful of the things I've been un-ironicly enthusiastic about this past month. What's it been for you? I'd like to know!

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