my favorite things - may 2015

Since last month's faves wrap-up post, I've thought a little more about how specifically I want these monthly things to work. So I've come up with a few categories which may or may not appear every time. They are: Entertainment/Music - Food - Life Practice - App/Program/Website - Craftsy. Now, Without further ado... Here's my favorite things from May.


Chicken Avocado Burrito <= (click it! you won't be sorry!)
After finding this recipe on Pinterest, I've made these more than any other food this month. So delicious, and very easy! I especially love the cilantro in it. Mmm! ^_^


Thanks to an old friend from Nashville (who just graduated highschool this year! I've known her since she was an little middle school kid. <3) I got hooked on the Cartoon Network miniseries, Over the Garden Wall (Read about it here). Part dark fairy-tale, part random-nonsense, I watched it in its entirety on youtube a few months ago (I wish Netflix carried such things!) but one song has been stuck in my head recently. Everytime I eat potatoes (which, in this house, is A LOT) I'm singing this song.  I have a serious problem!


I really really really like the ESV Bible app, for a variety of reasons, not the least of which being the several reading plans it has built in, including the Daily Office. Its just nice. 

Life Practice.

Running away from the office at lunch time. Be it hiding in the genealogy room, retreating to my car in the parking lot, going to the park, or chilling at sonic; I've found it helpful to my will to live and enjoy work to get away from work, or at least where no one can find me, while I'm off the clock. 

One final thing.

If you didn't get to read my post over at Nerdy Book Club this month, I'm gonna shamelessly pug it right now. I was excited to get to share my writing somewhere other than here, and it was a great experience. :) I wrote about how I've come to love sharing my favorite books... something that you might be surprised to learn I didn't always like doing! 

Thats all for now! have a wonderful Sunday, and see you in June! 

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