Swinging Mindfullness 101

After a having slightly mental moment at work today, in a week full of such moments (that will only become more frequent as summer reading approaches) I escaped the library for my lunch hour with only two goals:
1.) to eat my lunch in the peace of my car where no one can find me, and
2.) to find a swing and swing on it.

I've found that my greatest stress reliever is to get on a swing and pump for dear life- to kick those legs out and back, out and back, exercise those abs, and just fly.

My theory on swinging is simple. When you get on a swing with a brain full of mangled up tangled up thoughts, a couple of things happen.
First, you automatically begin to feel like a kid again because, obviously, you're at a playground where most 24 year-old--or grown-ups of other ages--don't go alone (unless you're Leslie Knope of course). Second, as you pump up, higher and higher, thinking those mangled up tangled up thoughts, an amazing thing starts to happen.  You begin to think less and less about your thoughts and more and more about your swinging. How high can I get? Is this swingset anchored properly? Has anyone ever flipped over the bar? You're being, just being, ever so perfectly in the moment.  Once you've realized this state of being, you can then begin to imagine the thoughts you had been thinking untangling and slipping away. Its as if the physical force of pumping your arms and legs draws the problems away from your brain on the backward swing, then flings them far, far away-out through your toes and into the soccer fields-on the forward swing. A little extra kick at the peak never hurts.
10 minutes of this, and you'll be doing fine. You can go back to the demands of your life refreshed and happy.

I dare you to try it!

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