my favorite things - july 2015

I realize that August is now well under way, and that I missed June entirely, but if one gave up just because one has failed before... then... why do anything at all?
I'm mulling on a post, which I thought was ready last night, but proved not to be. It needs a little more time. So for the meanwhile, I bring you my favorite things from July:


What I've been listening to in the car: Taylor Swift (that's not new... but just had a higher frequency of occurances in the month of July) There's nothing better for the end of a long day than angstily singing along to break-up songs that don't even apply to your life. Or do they? breaking up with a bad day is totally a thing. Im a firm believer in leaving those headaches at the time-clock as soon as I punch out.
Go to song: Bad Blood (the album version without the boring rap that cuts out all of my girl's verses!)

What I've been watching: (what everyone else in my house has been watching as well.) Friends! Yes, Joey-Chandler-Monica-Ross-Rachel-Phoebe Friends. I'm in love with Phoebe and her Smelly Cat song. Here. Watch this.

And if you're really brave... watch this music video version that speaks to me on a very deep level. Especially the dumpster back-up-vocal girls.

Life practice

waking up early. going to bed on time. prepping that coffee pot before bed. 
Basically, trying to be intentional about how I start my day. I wake up at 5am to my ipod alarm playing the Lalas from Gilmore Girls (the most non-abrasive alarm I've yet to experience), and am able to sit with my coffee, read everything I want to read for the morning, and even squeeze in a blog post, all before I need to get dressed and ready for work. It's kind of nice.


Ive been a pretty notebook hoarder for as long as I can remember, but NO MORE! I have so many darling little notebooks that I've decided to put to use. The pretty watercolor florals for church notes, a solid hard bound (with a Jane Austen quote on the cover) as an acting commonplace book to write quotes in, and this lovely set by designer Katie Daisy  (Do your eyes a favor and check out her website) which I've set aside for list journalling, and planning my reading lists and what not.  I'm a sucker for making lists. I'm also a sucker for these pens. 

                                        non-bleed journal pens!

So, that's what I've been into  this past month! Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you back here soon when I finally get my brain around what it was I wanted to write. Maybe next week.

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