Worth It

We were reading Frederick (Leo Lionni) in afterschool on Monday. My first group was comprised of twenty kindergarteners who all sat fidgety on their cafeteria benches. I have great compassion for this group of babies who have been at school all day, and are tired - and their supervising teachers as well, whose frustration sometimes becomes evident at then end of the day when I join them. Compassion fatigue is a real thing, folks.
Keeping in mind the tiredness of the students, and the overly structured day they've probably had, I've struggled in the past with bringing a program that is not only age appropriate, but restful to their little minds and inspiring to their imaginations. I've had a couple of cringing moments, when an activity I brought became a homework problem for them to work through, rather than the fun non-obligatory exploration I meant it to be. Those ones I've chalked up to overthinking and overestimating their need to be doing something productive at all times. Not all things need to be productive and constructive.  Open ended learning and play is equally important, if not more so for little ones.

Welcome, 2016.

So 2015 was a major low point year for this blog. I neglected it severely, even to the point of forgetting to write my blogging birthday post. (and that's usually my favorite one to write all year long.)
However, the rest of the year as a whole was not a bust. I just wasn't recording my thoughts as much is all!
Last New Years Day, I wrote this post here with some of my goals... not resolutions really, just goals.  Things I wanted to do/kind of hope to accomplish. And what do you know? I feel really good about how things turned out.