Welcome, 2016.

So 2015 was a major low point year for this blog. I neglected it severely, even to the point of forgetting to write my blogging birthday post. (and that's usually my favorite one to write all year long.)
However, the rest of the year as a whole was not a bust. I just wasn't recording my thoughts as much is all!
Last New Years Day, I wrote this post here with some of my goals... not resolutions really, just goals.  Things I wanted to do/kind of hope to accomplish. And what do you know? I feel really good about how things turned out.

1.) Spiritual Goal: I joined a life group, and then the choir, and then moved to a new life group at church. Those three things brought increasing fellowship with my local church and guess what? I MADE FRIENDS! (praise-the-Lord and glory-hallelujah!)

2.) Academic Goal - I didn't take the GRE. I didn't do anything regarding furthering my education. BUT I gained a ton of practical experience at the library that will most assuredly help me toward refining my vision toward that end.

3.) Financial - still plugging away at that student loan... but things look rather optimistic. :)

4.)Writing -  hey-o! I wrote a crappy novel draft during NaNoWriMo this year! 50k words, baby! You can read about that wonderful experience and what I learned from it, here.

5.) Reading - I didn't quiet finish all the prompts on the reading challenge list that I picked last year, but I DID read 52 books, going over my numerical goal, and lots of them were outside of my normal sphere of book picks, so I'm pretty pleased there.

So this year. What do I have planned? Its four minutes till midnight now so I'd better get that settled, as I'll have to hit the ground running with all the reading I've got scheduled for tomorrow (fun tidbit for you: right now I'm wearing my shirt that says "My Weekend is Booked" with the picture of a stack of books on it)
Here goes:

Things I want to accomplish in 2016

  1. Spiritual - Actually join my church.  Pretty much as soon as possible. I love First Baptist, and honestly, in the times when I start to hate being a full time working adult in a city away from my family, the people there are the one thing that keep me from quitting everything and moving back home. Or to Maine. 
  2. Academic - (it's officially 2016 now) I'm gonna repeat myself from last year here...  I really want to stay on top of my grad school plans. Study for the GRE. Research grants and scholarships etc. 
  3. Writing - I'm not sure I'm committing to NaNo again this year... Its too soon to say, but I do want to return to my 2015 draft and see what I can do to whip it into shape. :) plus I have an idea. a cool idea. Not telling what it is.. but I promise its cool in my head.
  4. Reading - Numerical Goal: 60 books. (not an arbitrary number. I have a instagram photo book subscription that needs 60 photos to fill a book, so I'd really like to document my reading list through photos this way.)  Theme: books I like. Actually, my TBR pile is looking like a lot of old-fashioned-y girl books. So, I'm optimistic. 
There's other small things... but that's the main list. I also hope to be back here more this year as well. In the mean time, I hope the lot of you have positive outlooks toward the year ahead. May you all have lots of time to read the things you want on your New Years day off! And listen to some good music. Like this playlist. It's been my writing soundtrack tonight. The best to you all.

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