The World Will Never Be the Same: or You All Should Just Go Listen to Hamilton

Even if you're not a huge Broadway fan, you've probably heard about the musical based on the life of Alexander Hamilton, called simply - Hamilton.  Without giving a complete history lesson, I'll just say that it debuted off-Broadway a year ago, and in that short period of time, has moved on to Broadway, produced a cast recording, won a Grammy for that recording, and has basically overtaken the entire internet (or at least the fandom continent, where I tend to reside).

I first heard of Hamilton a couple of months ago, when a video from the show appeared on my tumblr dash one Saturday afternoon. It was a clip from "Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)" a song that encompasses the Siege of Yorktown, which ended up being the final defeat of the British armies in the American Revolution. I surprised at first when I listened to the clip, because the musical style was not anything I was expecting from a Broadway show. I was raised on Rodgers and Hammerstein, Andrew Lloyd Webber and the likes... and this was not the sweet, tender Do-Re-Mi of the Sound of Music. It was hip-hip, raw, and there was a swear word*. (GASP) But some how it worked. It made me really excited, and I ran down stairs to show my sister, babbling something about the next generation of Broadway, and accessibility to youth and some other nonsense.  yeah.