25 // Birthday Resolutions

I like making lists on my birthday. Its like a personal new year celebration. So, in that light, here are my birthday resolutions.

  1. Learn to play the ukelele // and use it in Storytime! done
  2. Decorate my living space with cohesive, grown-up style // #ladiesofmeriwether done done done & done
  3. Be more intentional about creating // #thelibrarygirlmakes 
  4. Plan my first literary pilgrimage // to happen Fall 2017 (DONE! coming soon! :)
  5. Successfully rap Guns and Ships // #thankslin done
  6. Spend more time in the Word // learn to study (I'll never be done here... but I've made great strides thanks to the encouragement of my fellow life group girls.)
  7. Reach out to the girls in prayer group to build relationships // do fun things. (slowly, slowly said the sloth...)
  8. Catch up on my TBR / Unreads booklist // #morebooksthantime (what a joke... I'm still reading furiously and still not caught up)
  9. Read more Non-fic // especially biographies (actually... this did happen!)
  10. Send more snail mail // neglect not thy penpals (whoops... I tried.)
  11. Try non-natural hair color // #blue2016 done 
  12. Find a fitness routine that I actually enjoy // yoga? dance? who knows? (still don't like exercising) 
  13. Establish a "tidy" system // #doesitsparkjoy? (done...ish?)
  14. Play piano more // but first, buy a keyboard stand (scrapped... playing the uke was enough)
  15. Cut out soda entirely // #lacroix4life (so, its not entirely out, but I don't drink nearly as much any more!)
  16. Do a 30-day challenge to completion (whoops! forgot about until only 21 days were left)
  17. Host an actual party // tea, dinner, whatever. dressing up required (Done. I'm gonna count Jor's bridal shower!)
  18. See a show in Memphis or Nashville // Ballet, Opera, Musical (didn't actually go see anything, but I made plans to see lots next year by getting season tickets to the Orpheum's 2017-18 Broadway season!)
  19. Celebrate Frabjous Day // #callohCallay done
  20. Make 1 adventurous meal a month  // stop being boring with food (so.. kinda slacked off at the beginning, but I started a Blue Apron subscription and its been amazing!)
  21. Sew the Sunshine Quilt // finally! (well.... I started it... is that good enough?)
  22. Reclaim my blogging habit // starting RIGHT NOW (Im satisfied!)
  23. Stop falling asleep to screens // #netflixandZzzz (HA! that was ambitious!)
  24. Learn how to make good typography prints // goes along with #3 (hey, I can work with brush pens now, and I'm happy)
  25. Write a ten-year letter to self // Dear Self at 35

Past Years :  23 // 24

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