Worth It // two

Sending out a calendar email is no big deal for me at this point in the month. I've got my programs planned, (albeit a lot more this time of year because Summer Reading) and all I need to do is copy and paste the program items from my master calendar, add a happy little note to my "lovely library families" and hit send to broadcast it to my Storytime mailing list. Those emails go unresponded to usually, because there's nothing really to respond about! Occasionally there'll be a request for clarification or more information on one program or another, but generally its an expected radio silence.

I sent my calendar email this morning, right after lunch, while I was figuring out what else to do with my afternoon. Once I clicked the send button, the email was out of sight, out of mind. I went about with logging data in my summer reading tracker, pulling books for a daycare and general library business until I returned to my desk and email after a book-drop trip to find one unexpected response to my little calendar email.

One sweet library mama, who is literal joy in my life, wrote to tell me that she had received the email from China where she was with her husband getting their newly adopted little boy. And she send a link to her blog. I spent a little bit of time scanning the posts about their Gotcha Day with their little boy, not with out a couple of tears being shed. This family came to my library about a year ago, on recommendation from one of my storytime moms that they used to homeschool co-op with. I loved them instantly, because of the cheerful spirit that radiated from mom and kids alike. We became friends, and they have been blessing my life since. The mama always has an encouraging word for me, whether she knows it or not, and the kids are always sweet and polite, and occasionally come to my desk with a present of an apple or some little homemade treat. (how can you not feel fondly toward people who  bring you food?)

Over the course of the year I've known them, I've had many doubts about my season in life--about whether I'm in the right place or in the right job--but in God's perfect timing, just when I start feeling the doubts come creeping in again, I see this family walking into my library, and the mama is telling me how thankful she is for me and my personal insight on homeschool reading lists or whatever, and I remember why I do what I do.  And in that moment, its all worth it.

*I write these Worth It posts as a gratitude log of sorts, to look back on when I'm feeling frustrated and antsy and want to run away. It is a prompt for mindfulness, a dose against dis-content, and a reminder of purpose.

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