Be ● Do ● Have ● Help

Way back in January, I went to my church's women's conference along with 60 other ladies of various generations -- and guess what! I'm finally getting around to processing out the wealth of notes I took away. 'bout time, Right?

The theme of the conference was Enough -- which, now that I actually get to it, is kind of hard to condense into one concise little sentence because the word "enough" itself was used broadly and in a couple of different contexts. But, essentially, it boiled down to "God-honoring decision making for busy women" -- or so I thought... even just now, reviewing my notes again, I had a lightbulb moment that illuminated something for me... but I'll get to that in a bit.

At the time, while sitting in session, taking notes and trying to listen attentively, I struggled with finding how the whole conference was supposed to be speaking to me.  The examples given seemed situation to the busy mother type woman, taking on at-home businesses, leading bible studies, etc.. all while homeschooling, mothering and being a wife. All of those occupations are worthy things, most of which I aspire to someday, so at the time, I relegated all the information I was receiving to "remember for later" storage. I'm a single woman, no kids, asocial, and more likely to undercommit than overcommit my time. I like to think I know myself, my capabilities and my limitations pretty well. If anything I'm unbalanced toward avoiding doing things.

It wasn't till we were led in a self-reflection exercise that I started figure out what it was I was meant to be at that conference for. We were to section off a page in our notebooks into four columns and in each one, write down a list of things/qualities that we wanted to Be - Do - Have - and Help. The session leader for this exercise talked us thought this exercise and told us that she found this list we were compiling helpful in making decisions... using this set of essential goals/traits that she knew about herself, to be a set of checks and balances against any new opportunity she might be facing, the point being that each of us were created with certain unique abilities and passions that could be used wisely towards God's glory.  My list at that time was rushed and not well thought through... but I've had six months to think over and meditate on what is now a very helpful rubric of myself.

While I don't get asked to do things very often, and still don't overcommit myself,  I do have a tendency to get lost out there in everyday life, forgetting what I'm passionate about, what my mission in my work is, and at times who I am. As I've built this list, I've built something to ground me when I feel like I'm drifting off. At those times, I can come back to this list, my touchstone, and remember those little traits of my personality that make me my most me. When I'm most myself, doing what I'm passionate about, I'm most alive, living fully and truly to the potential God intended for me. I'm reminded of St. Irenaeus, who said "Life in man is the glory of God; the life of man is the vision of God" --- sometimes paraphrased as "the glory of God is man fully alive." And what is the chief end of man, class? To glorify God and enjoy him forever. (Westminster Catechism q.1)

In light of all of that, I've decided to make this a seasonal theme for my blog... to explore that list of things I want to do, the person I want to be, etc... As usual, I write for myself,  working out my thoughts through words to understand them better. If you as a reader get something out of it along the way, then that's an added bonus. Maybe this will encourage you to make your own list.

Find my Be ● Do ● Have ● Help masterlist here.

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