Autumnal Advent

Fall arrived this past week in Tennessee... at least the spirit of Fall, if not the scientific date. Many people agree on September 1st for being the cultural first day of fall, the day that you're allowed to start putting pumpkin in everything and thinking about flannels again. I knew it was Fall because of the inevitable homesickness I get this time of year... homesickness not for a physical place I can pin on the map, but for the unknowable place I've yet to discover.  (and also by the intense craving for Anne of Green Gables that I got the other day... It comes with the season's change, I swear.)
The leaves haven't started changing yet, (with the exception of some flashes of yellow I saw breaking out in East Tennessee the other week) but they'll come soon enough--as soon as the chilly snaps start coming more frequently.
There are so many things to count down till September 22.  My roommates and I already had our inaugural PSLs at Starbucks, and I found my first autumn palette dress (in which I transition from light blue to dark blue). Soon will come the boots, and cozy socks... no more sandals exposing my poor feet to abuse and bugbites! My best friend -- the queen of fall and halloween -- gets married in a few short weeks, with my bosom buddy expecting to deliver her first child a few days after (if not before!) It'll all be here sooner than we know, with stores even trying to rush on buy to winter. 
But I'm in no hurry... For now, I'm putting a dash of caramel in my coffee (okay, so I always do that...) wrapping up in a quilt and watching Anne of Avonlea. 

Yours in autumnal advent.

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