25 // birthday resolutions // the library girl... and Peggy!

So, you might recall my list of 25 birthday resolutions that I made back in May... 25 things that I wanted to do after my 25th birthday. I've been making progress it, and you can check out the other things I've checked off the list if you click the link to that post above. Today... I'm formally checking off another item on that list! 
Learn to play the ukelele // and use it in Storytime!
Folks, meet And Peggy. Peggy for short.
 She's small. She's yellow. She's named after the youngest of the Schuyler sisters.
 I got her back in August, and was surprised at how quickly I was able to start playing!
The goal was not just to learn the Uke, but to also implement in library programming.
Let me tell you that from the first time I walked into afterschool and heard "She's got a baby guitar!" I knew this was a good idea. I wasn't sure if kids would like singing... but K-1st graders at least love a good oceaned theme take on The Wheels on the Bus. And I have a least one storytime kids who will roar like a VERY scary monster to If You're a Monster and You Know It.
Ukulele Librarians are not in short supply on the interwebs. I just had to google "storytime ukulele" once and found a treasure trove of classic kids songs that have alternate themed verses.
Even the seniors at the nursing homes I read at have loved it so far. Thanks to Twenty One Pilots, ukulele chords to Elvis' classic Can't Help Falling in Love are EVERYWHERE on pinterest... and here in west tennessee, you can't go wrong with Elvis.

Have uke. Will travel. Best life choice ever.

I'll leave you with a storytime classic