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Du Iz Tak by Carson Ellis 
Published by Candlewick Press
Genre: Picture Book 
Source: Library 

What a magical thing of beauty this book is!
My curiousity was piqued when I read reviews on this new picture book when it came out this year, but I didn't actually get around to ordering it till it won a Caldecott honor at this year's ALA Youth Media Awards. The story of a community of bugs and a curious new addition to their little neighborhood, this book is far from ordinary. Here's a scene from my recent order unboxing:

Fade in to SarahTheLibraryGirl sitting on the floor in DirectorDiane's office, checking titles off the invoice slip
STLG: *picking up Du Iz Tak, thinks* ooh! I've been curious about this one! *begins flipping through*
STLG: *is hit with the made up language.*
STLG *is stymied for a second*
Made Up Language: *begins to sink in*
STLG: *Starts giggling because genius book is genius*
STLG: *to DirectorDiane* Here! look at this one! you're gonna hate it!
DD: *takes book and begins reading out loud* "Du iz tak? Ma Nazoot" What is this?!?
DD: *Skims rest of book* This is wierd, you're never picking books again! *doesn't mean that last bit*
STLG: It's an award winner! We had to have it!
STLG: *takes book back and resumes giggling over it*

After that little exchange, I was curious to see how it would go over with other people, so I took it home with me this weekend and literally shoved it in the hands of everyone who walked into my house.  My roommate read it and picked it up faster than I had even, (she figured out ribble when I couldn't!) a friend of ours read it out loud, with great vigor and a German accent (which somehow seems appropriate) and declared gladdenboot to be his new favorite word.

Far from nonsense, Du Iz Tak is perfect for the word-nerd and budding linguist. The illustrations are not to be forgotten as well! Everything from color palette to the tiniest details (and one special surprise bug) calls out to be studied over again and again. Iz unk scrivendelly boont. 

Review: Maud: A Novel Inspired by the Life of L.M. Montgomery

Maud: A Novel Inspired by the Life of L.M. Montgomery Maud: A Novel Inspired by the Life of L.M. Montgomery by Melanie J. Fishbane
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Delightful! a life time L.M. Montgomery devotee, I was a little hesitant about a novel based on her life story... but I needn't have feared. Fishbane is one of the golden few... a true kindred spirit, who treats this novel of Maud's life with all the detail and care that and fan could wish for. There were definitely squeaks of delight, heart flutterings, and stomach butterflies involved in the reading of this book. I felt like I was in middle school again, which is awesome, because my middle school self was more pure of spirit and less world-weary than my current self is apt to be. I got a distinctly "Little House on the Prairie" vibe from the middle section that I wasn't expecting, but then again, I didn't really know about Montgomery's time out west. There was much I learned that makes me want to do my own research, reading her letters and papers to compare the book to real-life for myself!

Recommended to: Anne-Fans, Little House on the Prairie fans, those who long to be in the innocence of middle school again, letter writers.

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I'm Still Going... | What's saving my life right now

After my coffee, but before my morning bullet journal dump, one of my favorite morning activities of late is check up on my blogs. Modern Mrs. Darcy always on the top of the list, because books. Today, (a day which is wretchedly cold in comparison to other recent days) Anne  shared her "What's saving my life right now" list... because February is cold and blah, and its often hard to see good things in the middle of winter.
Since you know I'm all about those little things in life, I thought I'd jump in on this happy party. So, here are the little things that are keeping me going right now!

1.) Shine Text. Every morning I get a motivational text from this great little thing called Shine. Filled with encouragement, and helpful tips for being productive at work, or taking time for self care, its a great reminder to just take time breathe every morning!

2.) Rotisserie Chicken. This is literally keeping my menu going at the moment. I'm so thankful that I had the foresight to grab a chicken from the hot box at Kroger, because I've been eating left over in one form or another all week, and it's a grand step up from ramen--even if it IS the fancy  kind.

3.) Mah Girls. I literally don't know what I'd do with out the Meg(h)ans (my roommates) right now. No one else would let me sit on their bed and judge their bookshelves, or put up with my reading excerpts of Alexander Hamilton's Guide to Life while they try to eat breakfast.

4.) Lin-Manuel Miranda's social media presence.  (And you thought I wouldn't go there.. HA!) The man made us a spotify playlist this week and he's a certified gift from heaven.

5.) Book Club. I cannot emphasize enough how glad I am these ladies welcomed me in! We're reading Emma right now, and our discussion gathering this month will take the form of a tea party! I'm so excited, I literally can't EVEN. (to borrow the colloquialism)

6.) My Kindle Fire. I never thought I'd say this... but I love the freakin' thing. I read a lot of ebooks for Netgalley, and it wouldn't be very easy on any other device. PLUS, I have netflix on it, and can watch my shows at lunch (my method of choice for keeping people from bothering me while I'm off the clock) ALSO, I just bought this amazing cover for it that looks like a vintage Penguin Classic.  ALSO, with the secrets I recently discovered (from both MMD and Read Aloud Revival) about getting great deals on audiobooks from Audible... I can keep up with my reading in the car!

7.) The ever expanding world of books. Most days I start to panic when I think about all that I haven't read yet, and how I'll never ever have the chance to read it all. These days however, its more of a comfort, to know that there'll always be something out there for me to read. and my reading journal helps me feel like I've got more of a grasp on organizing all that stuff so we're good.

8.) Quiet Resistance. I deleted facebook from my phone post Women's March because I was reading too much and getting worked up. the pro-human-life-in-general, baby-feminist in me has been internally screaming about current events, while the conservative, homeschooled, cheaper-by-the-dozen, staunchly pro-birth girl has been has been (rightly) holding me back from participating in the larger organized public outcry for obvious reasons (and my heart breaks because of it). But I've found solace in doing my small part through world-focused book displays at the library, and ordering hundreds of dollars worth of diverse books for collection development. If I can at all influence my kiddos to become readers who have empathy for others, I will be satisfied.

So... that's me! What's keeping you going in these cold months?

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