26 // Sarah Scouts

Happy Birthday to Me! 
As you might be aware-if you've been reading my blog for long enough-I like making lists and challenges for myself on my birthday each year. Its my own personal new year resolution tradition. Last year, I set 25 goals I wanted to complete. I feel like I did pretty okay with it. At the very least, it gave me something to do to mark time, and make my self a little bit of a better human in the process. 

(missed last year? see what I did here!)

This year, I have a new challenge in mind... one I've been wanting to do for two years now. 
On my 24th birthday, I acquired a 1940's Girl Scout Handbook that had belonged to my grandmother, and since I never did Girl Scouts growing up, I wanted to give it a whirl. So, this year, I'll be picking 26 different badges (at least) to accomplish. That's one every two weeks... ish. I'm going to be blogging the experience on separate blog I've set up for the purpose, so... if you want to head on over to Sarah Scouts... (click the picture!) You can follow the fun there!   

peace out, girl scouts!